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You Should Choose These Eyelash Styles To Start Your Eyelash Business!

You Should Choose These Eyelash Styles To Start Your Eyelash Business!

Are you starting your mink lashes business? Are you still confused about what style of mink eyelash to choose?

We are the most professional mink eyelash vendors in China. We have more than 5 years of production and sales experience. Through more than 60 orders per day, we know which style eyelashes are popular in the market now? What style of eyelashes is the best seller? If you want to quickly promote your mink lashes, you must choose the following eyelashes.

wholesale mink lashes
wholesale mink lashes

25mm wholesale mink lashes

The first recommended style is the most popular 25mm eyelashes recently. They are very dramatic eyelashes, very thick eyelashes, and each pair is very charming to wear. And we have a sample pack for you for the new eyelash business.

22mm wholesale mink lashes

The second recommended is the 22mm mink lashes. These DN series eyelashes are also very popular. His length is 22mm. The design style is also the latest in 2019, which is very popular among you.

16mm wholesale mink lashes

The third recommended is the 16mm mink eyelashes. These styles of eyelashes are very low profile and are very natural to wear, perfect for everyday wear. They are the best choice for everyday natural style eyelashes

These are very popular styles and are perfect for starting your eyelash business. I hope my article can help you.

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