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With These 5 Lash Packaging Boxes You Must Be Succeed !

With These 5 Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes You Must Be Succeed !

We are the most professional eyelash supplier in China. We not only supply high quality eyelashes, we also supply high quality eyelash packaging. The following eyelash packaging is a must for your eyelash business. With the following eyelashes, your eyelash business will be very successful.

Custom Lashes pPackaging STYLE 1 Acrylic Plastic Case

The first is our acrylic plastic case, which has a very fascinating look. The key is a very low price, and there is no order quantity. You can add your personal logo to the box. And we have colorful background for this cases.Great for you who are just starting your eyelash business.

Custom Lashes Packaging STYLE 2 Square Box With Big Windows

The second is our very popular square eyelash box. This eyelash box has a large window that clearly shows the style of the eyelashes and is very popular with customers. This lash wrap can be added to your logo and is very popular.

Custom Lashes Packaging STYLE 3 Marble Rectangle Box

The third is a classic rectangular eyelash box with a marbled exterior and a rose gold glitter inside. This box is also very popular.

Custom Lashes Packaging STYLE 4 Diamond Lashes Packaging

The third is our diamond-shaped eyelash box, which is the latest design of our designers. Unlike the previous eyelash box, this box adds lines to the surface, and the whole box looks more refined and perfect.

Custom Lashes Packaging STYLE 5 Special Lashes Packaging

This box is our latest style of box, the special expense of this box is its opening method, this box is opened from the middle, open in two directions, very chic, very beautiful. Every customer will like this box

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