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Why Strip Lashes Are Safer Than Lash Extensions

Why Strip Lashes Are Safer Than Lash Extensions

When you see any notable name celebrity or even a beautiful face, you may not know it at first, but their eyelashes are what draws you into their appearance. Scientists say that the most attractive feature of a person is their eyes, so why wouldn’t we want to accentuate them in the best way possible? You may love eyeshadow or go nuts over a thick winged liner. But to have your lashes look and feel longer is the best way to show off those gorgeous specs for the whole world to see.

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If you are one of those fortunate people who naturally have long eyelashes, there is still nothing wrong with adding a little volume or length into the mix with false eyelashes. Of course, you could probably reach for your favorite tube of mascara, but what do you do when that just doesn’t do the trick anymore? Well you have two options, and those are one, get lash extensions or two use eyelash strips. There are tons of pros and cons of getting both that I will explain in this post, but what is most important is which is safer to use on the delicate hair on our lids. A lot of research shows viewers that ultimately strip lashes are a tad bit more reliable than getting extensions. But if you are still not convinced let us dive into the beautiful yet complex world of lashes.

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These strips come in various shapes, sizes, colors, volumes, and are conveniently affordable at your local beauty supply or drug store. These beauties are not as complicated to put on as many would think, like all good things it will just take a little practice before you are a pro. If it’s your first time trying out lashes, then it would be best to set aside a few extra minutes before putting them on. This is because it may take a few tries and you don’t want to be late to wherever you’re going. I have been wearing strip eyelashes for years, and even I struggle time to time with putting them on in one go around. Try placing each of the strip lashes on your eyes to make sure the shape matches up correctly; this will be your dry trial run to ensure fewer mistakes. Owning small scissors will be very beneficial so that you can make tiny adjustments at once. Just make sure that no matter what you don’t wear lashes that are too long sideways, they can irritate and scratch the skin around your eyes.

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When applying them to your lid, you want to choose a safe, hypoallergenic glue the dries black or clear; this will leave more room for mistakes if they occur. If you want the style to last throughout the entire day, you want to make sure you apply it on a clean lid so that it will stick longer and with a stronger hold. Once you get good at placing these beauties on your eyelids, you will be putting them on last after your makeup but try not to get too ahead of yourself. Yes, there may be a few times where you may have to carry your tiny glue bottle just in case the adhesive comes loose throughout the day. Lastly, be sure to apply the strips as close to your real lash line as possible for a flawless and authentic look.

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