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Why Is Our 25MM MINK LASHES In Short Supply?

Why Is Our 25MM MINK LASHES In Short Supply?

Covergirl Lashes is China’s largest and most professional 25mm mink eyelash manufacture factory and 25mm mink eyelash vendors. Our wholesale mink lashes are the trend that leads the eyelash industry and are very popular.

Professional Design Team For Professional Eyelash Vendor

We have our own team of designers and we regularly release the latest eyelashes. Each of our eyelashes is repeatedly researched, designed, and tested for wear and then sold.
Our 25mm mink eyelashes are all Siberian mink hairs. From the choice of materials to the processing of eyelashes, every step is carefully crafted to ensure that each of our eyelashes is perfect.

Our eyelashes are handmade, and our skilled eyelashers can only make 5 pairs of eyelashes per day. At the same time as our production, our workers will make every pair of eyelashes, so our eyelashes are perfect.

Now is the time when market demand is strong, please give us sufficient time for production. We will make the production according to the time of the order. But don’t worry about the delivery date, because we have more than 500 workers.

Our wish is to hope that our eyelashes will go global, and that your eyelash business will grow bigger and bigger. I hope we can cooperate and grow our eyelash company together!

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