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Why does the 3D mink eyelash look the same as it really is?

Why Does The 3D Mink Eyelash Look The Same As Tt really is?

In the current market, a variety of false eyelashes are found throughout the market. The raw materials are also diverse. There are mink hair, velvet, human hair, horse hair and so on. The price is not the same. In comparison, the price of mink is the most expensive, and it is several times the price of other materials. Especially the water mane of Siberia is the best quality of mink hair.

Why does the eyelashes look like the real eyelashes?

There are several main reasons:

First of all, the hardness of the eyelashes is the closest to the eyelashes. The quality of the eyelashes is generally the same as that of the tail of the mink. It looks more realistic.

Secondly, the hair of the mink hair is long and there is no hair, which is also the closest to the eyelashes. Human hair is generally hard, hair peaks are short, and even forks and other issues, so it is very unnatural to wear eyelashes. Horse hairlashes are generally softer and more messy, and they are not close to the real eyelashes.

The most important point is that the brightness of the mink hair is good, and the mink hair grown in Siberia is finer and smoother and has a good gloss. Coupled with the 3D effect, it will be closer to the human eyelashes.

These advantages of mink hair are that other raw materials cannot be surpassed, so the eyelashes of the mink are more natural to wear.

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