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Why are the stalks of the eyelashes you buy very hard?


Why are the stalks of the eyelashes you buy very hard?

Are you a mink lashes wholesale seller? Have you ever encountered this situation: the lashes of the purchased eyelashes are very hard and very uncomfortable to wear on the eyes. If you have a similar experience, congratulations on the right place.

Usually, the lashes of the eyelashes are: Black Cotton Stalk, Plastic Black Terrier, Plastic Cotton Stalk, Transparent Plastic. Among them, Plastic Stalk has low cost, and many suppliers choose Plastic Stalk to reduce costs. This will result in a very hard stalk, which is very uncomfortable to wear and unnatural to wear. And Plastic Stalk is very harmful to the eyes, not only makes the eyes feel uncomfortable, but some of the chemicals can cause more damage to the eyes. So you must choose Cotton Stalk when choosing eyelashes. It is not only comfortable to wear, it does not hurt your eyes, and it is more natural and durable.

As the most professional wholesale mink lashes vendor in China, our eyelashes are Black Cotton Stalk and Clear Stalk. It is very natural to wear. For long-term customers, long-term business, it is recommended to choose high-quality eyelashes and discard small eyes. Benefits, put a long-term vision, we will make progress together.

Our wholesale mink lashes are 100% Siberian mink hair and 100% handmade. Each pair of mink eyelashes can be reused 20-25 times and is recognized by customers worldwide.

If you are interested in wholesale mink eyelashes you can contact WhatsAPP +8618253206339, or you can send an email to: Or follow my INS account @vivienfeifei_lashes. Every day, the latest eyelash styles and the most fashionable eyelashes will be updated.

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