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Why Are The Prices Of Eyelashes In The Market Very Different?

Why Are The Prices Of Eyelashes In The Market Very Different?

1. Different factories, different eyelash production processes

If you plan to start an eyelash business, this is one of the issues you must pay attention to. Most 3d eyelash manufacturers use a simple process to produce mink eyelashes. Only some professional eyelash factories spend a lot of time and money on higher-tech and more fashionable styles.

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2. Different Mink Hair And Eyelash Designs

Different eyelash developers have different Wholesale Mink Lashes techniques. Highly paid high-tech designers and workers can provide us with fashionable Wholesale Lashes styles. If eyelash factories are unable to develop new eyelash styles, their products will be eliminated by society.

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3. Different Raw Materials Have Different Comfort Levels

As we all know, Wholesale Mink Lashes are made of mink hair. The quality of mink hair can determine the quality of eyelashes. The Lash Wholesale made of soft mink hair are more natural and more comfortable to wear. There is no doubt that the price of soft mink hair is more expensive than ordinary mink hair.

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