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Why Are Mink Lashes Better?

Why Are Mink Lashes Better Then Others?

Many women love to make their eyes look more charming and more beautiful by wearing false eyelashes. However, there are many kinds of false eyelashes, and most people face a dilemma. Should you choose cheap synthetic false eyelashes or expensive water eyelashes? If you know, you probably know that 3d mink eyelashes are better than synthetic eyelashes, but is this true? Is the eyelash eyelash worth your money?

One of the most important features of Mink Eyelashes is that they are very light. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, you won’t feel heavy. This is the effect that synthetic eyelashes can never be reached.
Mink eyelashes are more shiny. Wearing otter eyelashes is more comfortable and makes your eyes look more attractive. Mink eyelashes require less maintenance and are a great choice for those who often wear false eyelashes. Synthetic eyelashes are not suitable for long-term wear because synthetic eyelashes are very hard and uncomfortable to wear.

Mink eyelashes can be reused multiple times. In general, the eyelashes can be reused 25 times, which can completely compensate for his price.Sleeping to the eyelashes is very fine, so it is more natural to wear, the synthetic eyelashes are thicker, have a richer appearance, and are more dramatic to wear.
Mink lash eyelashes are indeed superior to other materials. If you look at the eyelashes in the long run, so you can contact with covergirl lashes , as a Lash Manufacturer we are wholesale mink lashes in good quality

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