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Why Are Big Mink Lashes Suppliers (Lilly lashes) Working With Us?

Why Are Big Mink Lashes Suppliers (Lilly lashes) Working With Us?

We are a professional manufacture for mink eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging. Our eyelashes and boxes are sold all over the world. Why are our eyelashes so popular, and big suppliers(Like Lilly lashes.) are working with us? 

First of all, our mink eyelashes are of good quality. All of our mink lashes are made from Siberian mink hair. Don’t worry, our eyelashes are cruelty free, and they are all hair that naturally falls off.
Secondly, our mink lash are handmade, and each pair is carefully crafted by the workers. Ensure that the left and right are consistent, there will be no hair loss.

Third, we have a professional design team, will continue to design new styles, constantly updated, can find market demand in a timely manner, and seize market opportunities in time. Not only that, but our design team has helped many customers who have just started their eyelash business. They just started the eyelash business, don’t have their own logo, just confirm the order, our design team can help customers design the logo for free.

Fourth, our eyelashes are all made by physical principles, do not contain any chemicals, and do not cause any harm to the human body. Have you purchased eyelashes with a pungent odor? This kind of eyelash damage to the human body is very large.
Fifth, we not only have our own eyelash factory, we also have a factory for eyelash packaging. The eyelash packaging comes with your own logo, with only 30 order quantities and only 3 days of production time. The delivery date is not comparable to other merchants. Not only that, but we also produce eyelash accessories such as glue and tweezers, and you can add your own logo so that you can purchase all the products you need at one time.

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