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What Is The Best Mink Lashes ,How To Distinguish It ?

What Is The Best Mink Lashes ,How To Distinguish It ?

we always told our customer how to distinguish the mink eyelashes with four tips to tell them apart. And most of them said,that was be easy and efficient way for distinguish the best mink lashes,So only if you can distinguish the bad mink lashes and the best mink lashes you can really know the best features of the mink fur eyelashes.

NO. 1 Mink lashes Raw Material

If you want to order the best mink lashes ,you should make sure the material is the best mink fur.What is the best mink fur ?The best mink fur must come for the tail of the young mink which is long ,soft and fluffy.All our lashes mink fur are selected by our skilled workers,all the mink fur are pasteurized to make a safe eyelash,so our eyelashes have no irritation and sensitive people and pregnant women can wear them with confidence.

NO. 2 Mink lashes Band.

Make sure what is the band made of ?This is the core of comfort,if your vendor use bad materials to save cost of the mink eyelashes,that will bring bad consumer experience.And all the material is test many times by our skills worker to make a perfect shape and experience.So if your client says they feel uncomfortable wearing your lashes or their eyes are tired ,you should ask your Wholesale Individual Mink Lashes Manufacturer change the material of the band. Otherwise , you will lose your customer at last.That is the fact.

NO. 3 Mink lashes Band Glue.

Make sure your lashes glue are the best glue which do no harm to your skin.And make sure the glue has a moderate viscosity.

NO. 4 Mink lashes Style.

You should test your lases style in your market,and most Lashes Vendor don’t test market,and we have our market team to make sure all the lasheswe pushed on the market will satisfy the demand of the customer.So our lashes are all the hot one and we focus on the best sellerand the luxury lashes to make sure the mainstream likes our eyelashes.

NO. 5 Mink lashes Price

Most 3D Mink lashes vendors don’t consider the retail priceand profit margins of their partners ,On the contrary , when they saw their partner’s website and retail price,they feel unhappy. And when you make the next order ,they’re going to raise prices .It would be very unwise to do that,and they don’t even know the cost of their partner’s Marketing costs,personnel costs.

For us, that is a good thing that our customer sales a good price,

and we are happy to hear our partner make more and more profits

from the business with our luxury lashes.

Are you ready?!

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