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Tips For Using Eyelash Glue

Tips For Using Eyelash Glue
I think what you need is a more practical Lash Vendors, which not only provides high-quality Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging products, but also provides Wholesale Mink Lashes-related products you want, such as high-quality Lash Glue Wholesale. Do you usually know how to use Lash Adhesive Glue? We will show you some tips for sticking Wholesale Lashes.
Tip 1
To achieve a good eye makeup effect, remember to curl your Lash Wholesale with an Mink Lashes Wholesale curler before putting on your eyelashes to avoid layering false eyelashes with your real eyelashes. Then trim the length of the mink’s eyelashes according to the eyes to make them best match the length of the eyes!
Tips 2
You know that our Wholesale Lashes can be reused. For better wearing effect next time. When removing the used Lash Wholesale, please remember to clean the glue residue on the eyelashes. Because the previous glue residue will affect the viscosity of the glue again.
Tips 3
Covergirl Eyelash Glue is characterized by false Lash Glue Wholesale without pungent glue smell. The fine brush head can be accurately brushed on the root of the false eyelashes to reduce the phenomenon of excessive glue overflow. Quick-drying and strong effect, with repeated adhesion, hypoallergenic. The white Glue For Eyelashes dries and becomes transparent, without traces, and does not harm the sensitive and fragile skin of the eyes. Our Lash Adhesive Glue has super adhesion, can easily deal with the symptoms of eye oil and sweating, so that the Wholesale Mink Lashes are not easy to fall off. It is highly recommended by beauty makeup and online hot sales.

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