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Do you know how to clean your eyelashes?

Do you know how to clean your eyelashes?

Now more and more people like to wear mink lashes to make their eyes look more beautiful and charming. But do you know how to wash your eyelashes?
Covergirl eyelash vendors is the most professional mink eyelash vendor and custom eyelash packaging in China. We made a video about how to clean your eyelashes so that everyone can use the right method to clean their eyelashes.

What tools do you need to prepare before cleaning?

  1. Clean water;
  2. Makeup remover;
  3. Tweezers;
  4. Hair dryer

strong eyelash glue

eyelash tweezers

How to clean properly?

First put the eyelashes in the water to make the eyelashes completely wet.

Then Take out the eyelashes with tweezers, put makeup remover on the roots of the eyelashes, and gently rub with your hands.

After the glue at the root of the eyelashes is cleaned, put the eyelashes in clean water again and wash off the makeup remover on the eyelashes.

Take out the eyelashes, wipe with a paper towel, and blow dry with a hair dryer after there is no water that can be dropped. Then the eyelashes will return to their original appearance.

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Why Are You Still Lost Money, Even Though The Eyelash Industry Is So Hot!

Why Are You Still Lost Money, Even Though The Eyelash Business Is So Hot!

Today, in Europe, especially in the United States, the wholesale mink lashes business is very popular. Because almost every woman wears mink eyelash, the amount of eyelashes required is very large. And the retail price of eyelashes is also very high. If you buy directly from a Chinese eyelash vendors factory, you will have a very large profit. So why is your eyelash business always making money?

First, you have not chosen the right eyelash Vendors

At the beginning of your eyelash business, you may buy low-priced wholesale mink eyelashes for cost savings, but as we all know, low-priced eyelashes mean low quality. Customers who purchase low-quality lashes will not buy a second time, so there will never be old customers, so you can’t make money.

wholesale mink lashes
wholesale mink lashes

Second, you did not choose the right eyelash packaging

There is a saying in China called: Good horse with a good saddle. Good eyelashes must have good eyelash packaging. High-end eyelash packaging can show the quality of your eyelashes, allowing you to sell your eyelashes for a better price. Covergirl Lashes has a very wide range of eyelash packaging, very low order quantity and very short production cycle, which is very suitable for you to start the eyelash business. And as long as you order our eyelash packaging, our professional team of designers can help you design the logo for free.

custom lashes packaging box
custom lashes packaging box

Third, you have not made the right sales plan.

Selling eyelashes is not just sales. It needs to work with a certain sales plan. For example: a pair of eyelashes 20 dollars, if you buy 10 pairs of eyelashes, you can give you an eyelash tweezers. This will not only promote the sales of eyelashes, but also retain customers and make him a loyal customer.

wholesale mink eyelash vendors
wholesale mink eyelash vendors

Fourth, you know too little about eyelashes.

If you don’t know about eyelashes, you are vulnerable to cheating when you buy eyelashes. You can’t distinguish what is the water eyelashes and what is the velvet eyelashes. You also don’t know what kind of eyelashes are not harmful to our body. So you need to know more about eyelashes.