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How To Have A Successful Wholesale Mink Lashes Business ?

How To Have A Successful Wholesale Mink Lashes Business ?

Why do you have so many troubles in the process of doing mink eyelash wholesale business?

Why did you just fail to do the mink eyelash vendor business?

How can I make your wholesale mink eyelash business go smoothly?

Why are the mink lashes that you sell to your customers returned?

Why do the mink eyelashes you order each time have a different style?

Why do you always like high quality mink eyelashes and also like low quality prices?

Why are your mink eyelash customers lost because of the low quality lashes you sent?

Why is the quality of the mink eyelashes free to customers customers?

Why do customers like to buy high quality mink eyelashes?

What is the product quality trend of customers buying mink eyelashes now?

Nowadays, the problem with customers who wholesale enamel eyelashes is that the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable. Give customers a sample, the quality of large goods is uneven. The delivery time is unstable, the delivery time guaranteed to the customer, the customer has carried out the publicity, and the delivery cannot be delivered on time, and the customer is lost.

Without the ability to update, the customer’s feelings about the style are always lagging behind, losing a lot of opportunities to make money in the market. You don’t give customers timely updates. Once the market sees new products, your customers will soon be lost to other new customers. Low-quality products will not have innovative styles. They will only lower the quality and pull the price. Low competition

Now that e-commerce is so developed, good products, bad products, everyone knows that products that really make money are always quality products.

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards. The beauty is the ultimate. If the beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, and imperfect, what else does it paint? Isn’t it better to not make up? This is the current deviation between suppliers and consumers, which is the root cause of your loss to customers.

Consumers are looking for good quality Eyelash Vendors . Consumers are not afraid to spend money. If they are willing to spend, they will feel good. The middlemen will know that low prices, low prices and low prices will eventually collapse in low price and low quality competition. !

Dear customers, can you understand? There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy. Consumers are of a high standard, and the concept of middlemen cannot keep up with the concept of consumers.

When consumers say that the price is high, the middlemen really think that the price is wrong. In fact, consumers are willing to do good things.

The problem of eyelashes, especially eyelashes, is particularly serious, and the perception of the consumer and the middleman is biased.

If you are doing low-cost, low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day long, set up a department to deal with customer returns and product quality complaints, and your cost is high.

I suggest that you set up a department to handle complaints. You are troubled by these problems every day, time and cost. Focusing on the sale of the house, the supplier’s products have no worries, and focusing on doing things will do better. To overthrow the logic of the customer, when our logic must be correct, it is not necessary to talk about the customer, but the customer will consider it.

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25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Vendor Manufacturer

25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Vendor Manufacturer

Today, I want to introduce you to the 25mm Siberian Mink Strip Lashes DH that has been very popular in the market recently. I am honored to say that this big eyelash is the OSCAR design of our company’s original large designer. We are very happy that our new design has many fans. I will introduce our first 25mm big mink eyelashes – 3D mink eyelashes today.

Our 11 large 3D mink lashes are very beautiful, natural and easy to wear. Design style: The main feature of this mink eyelash is that in the case of passion, the exaggerated fans will be very surprised, and lovers who like natural style will find their hobby from a certain angle, although its length is 25mm. But it is perfect for it, not too exaggerated, natural and easy to wear.

Design material: Our eyelashes are made of cotton stalks, soft, eye-catching and easy to wear. The main material of our eyelashes is pure Siberian mink. It is absolutely cruel and does not harm small animals. Our eyelashes are handmade. Every pair of 25mm Siberian mink eyelashes is symmetrical. Even if you have big orders, don’t worry about different. Eyelashes. And can be worn over and over.

Dear, if you want to know more about big eyelashes and want to buy our DH series big DH008 mink eyelashes wholesale, you can contact me, I will give you the best advice.

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How To Size Your False Lashes

How To Size Your mink Lashes

There are a lot of ways to ensure that your false eyelashes look flawless and natural. Be sure to pick a pair of versatile eye shape mink lash. Next step you definitely don’t want to overlook is making sure that they’re the right size for your eyes. 3d Mink eyelashes that are the wrong size can make your eyes look droopy or make the false eyelashes stand out too harshly against your natural lashes.

When you first get your false mink eyelashes, take a look at the vein that holds all of the lashes together. Most strip eyelashes have an inner and outer edge. The inner edge should look tapered, while the outer edge has a blunt tip. This is because the taper will blend more evenly into the delicate eyelashes that naturally occur in the inner corner of your eyes, while the outside edge is blunt for sizing.

When you go to measure and size your lashes, place the tapered end of the false lash against your lash line about a quarter of an inch from the corner of your eye. You want the false lashes to start right where your natural lashes begin to thicken in order for them to blend together. Once you have that end set, run the false lash along your lash line and measure the false eyelashes right at the edge of your eye. Any wider and they will cause your eyes to look drooped and the falsies to appear more prominent.
Once you have that spot marked, snip the lashes on the vein, taking care to avoid cutting any of the lashes themselves. After they’ve been cut, your false lashes are sized and ready to go!

Note: It’s recommended to size your lashes for each eye individually, instead of measuring one and then cutting the other to match. Sometimes your eyelashes grow differently on each eye and you don’t want to ruin an eyelash.

Covergirl Lashes is the Eyelash Manufacturer and Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor  If you want to start your eyelash busienss , Please shop our good quality mink lashes .

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DH006 Hot Selling Big Eyelashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

DH006 Hot Selling Big Eyelashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

In the mid-night of 2018 August, DH006 was designed. At first glance, DH006 is very similar to DH001, but there are a big difference between them. DH006 is more symmetrical on both sides of the eyelashes. This big eyelashes are inspired by the wings, light, natural and smooth. DH006 looks like a pair of wings and can fly freely.

The most unique feature of this big mink eyelash is its crossover design, which is not heavy, not exaggerated, and fits well with your natural eyelashes. Of course, the raw material of our mink lashes is also derived from Siberian mink hair, handmade, each pair of mink eyelashes can be reused 20-25 times.

Now all our big eyelashes are very hot,welcome to order samples mink lashes and check our mink eyelashes quality.

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DH002 Big Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Hot Selling

DH002 Big Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Hot Selling

DH002 is one of the most popular models of big mink eyelashes. The DH003 is inspired by chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums bloom in the fall, not competing with other flowers. Proud and indifferent. This big mink lashes are full-bodied and cross-designed for bolder and more unrestrained. Ideal for parties and cocktail receptions. People have a more mysterious feeling.

DH002 is a big eyelash that is very popular with customers. Whether it’s friends from the Americas or friends from all over the world, I like this eyelash. Because it is suitable for most people to wear.

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Covergirl Lashes Review

Covergirl Lashes Review

Covergirl Lashes The best Mink Lashes Vendor I Have Worked With

I am an eyelash seller. I have worked with some mink eyelash vendors when I started my eyelash company, but I always encounter some  awkward problems. For example: The quality of the sample eyelashes are very good, but the quality of the eyelashes is very poor when order bulk lashes;

The delivery time is unstable, the communication is delivered for one week, but it will always be delayed until 10-15 days;.In addition, hair loss left and right asymmetry and so on. All of these problems made my eyelash business very difficult and lost a lot of customers. This makes me very sad.

Sample Lashes To Test The Quality

By chance I found Covergirl lashes on google. But the price of their 3d mink eyelashes is more expensive than other wholesale mink lashes vendors.In order to test their lashes quality I bought 15 pairs mink lashes first time. The order was shipped in one day, and I received the sample mink lashes in three days after delivery.

When I received the sample mink lashes I was stunned by the quality of the eyelashes. First of all, Covergirl mink lashes has no irritating smell, and there is no problem of asymmetry. And the band of the mink eyelashes are very soft and comfortable to wear. Covergirl mink lashes is very worth the price. If you take care of eyelashes, Covergirl mink lashes can be reused 25-30 times, so they are very cost effective.

Wholesale Covergirl Mink Lashes

After that, I ordered another test mink eyelashes order, this time I ordered 100 pairs of mink eyelashes. Because I am worried that the quality of bulk ordering will be worse than the sample mink eyelashes. On the third day of my order, they sent my order, and I also received my eyelashes during the three-day shipping time. Amazing!I am very shocked! The quality of the mink lashes ordered in bulk is exactly the same as the sample mink eyelash. And the styles are exactly the same. I finally found the mink eyelash vendor I wanted.

Amazing! My customers like those eyelash style very much. After chatting with Covergirl lashes vendor , I know that Covergirl lashes has its own mink eyelash designer, he will design new styles every year. This year their designer designed DH LASHES, my customers like it very much. I ordered DH004/DH007/DH008,.Those mink eyelashes are very eye-catching and can make your eyes more attractive and beautiful. If you like more dramatic, unique mink lashes, be sure to choose Covergirl DH lashes.

Establish Long-lasting Cooperation With Covergirllashes Vendor

Soon I sold the 100 pairs of mink eyelashes. This time I ordered 8,000 pairs mink lashes. Now I have received all of these 8000 pairs of mink eyelash. The quality of the eyelashes ordered in bulk is exactly the same as the sample. This made me very shocked! And their delivery is very timely.

At the same time, they also supply private custom eyelash packaging, eyelashes glue and mink eyelashes tweezers. I can buy all the goods at the same time.I really like Covergirl lashes. I will work with Covergirl lashes for a long time.

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Six Things I Learned When I Got Mink Lashes For The First Time

Six Things I Learned When I Got Mink Lashes For The First Time

Many people pay attention to their eye makeup during makeup, and of course I am no exception. Now I want to try semi-permanent eyelashes to make my eyes look more beautiful. This is the ten things I have drawn from my experience.

1, 3d Mink lashes will not damage your eyelashes

Many people think that wearing false eyelashes during production time will damage their eyelashes, so many people will not try false eyelashes any more, but this is not the case. If used properly, mink lashes will not have any effect on your eyelashes. In fact, mink lashes also reduces the wear and tear of the eyelashes, instead of applying mascara and curling every day.

2, Mink does not mean mink

Eyelashes come in a variety of materials, including mink lashes, synthetic eyelashes, and silk eyelashes. All otter eyelashes are cruel, meaning that no real leeches are hurt during this process.

3, Using false eyelashes is a very easy experience

When you stick false eyelashes, there is no other feeling. Many people have told me to fall asleep during the process of sticking false eyelashes. This is amazing, but the process is really the case.

  1. Your eyes will be more charming after wearing.

Your eyes will be more charming and shiny after wearing mink eyelashes, and you will be the protagonist of the party.

5, One pair of false eyelashes can be used for up to a month

If you use false eyelashes correctly and take care of them properly, false eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times.

6, Using false eyelashes will save time

The use of false eyelashes simplifies conventional makeup. There is no need to use mascara, we found that they are not dramatic enough to have no eyes.

Are You want to trying to get a sample and a price for Eyelash Vendors ? Covergirl Lashe is the best chose . .

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Do False Eyelash Damage Lashes?

Do False Eyelash Damage Lashes?

Having a charming eye is a quest for many people, so false eyelashes are becoming more and more popular. February 19th is International Eyelash Day. If you want to have fascinating eyes, use false eyelashes. False eyelashes have completely changed our lives, even if you don’t have good eye makeup, you will have fascinating eyes as long as you use false eyelashes.

Many people worry that long-term use of false eyelashes can damage their eyelashes. In fact, you don’t have to worry about it.


If you use them properly, they are harmless and will not damage your natural eyelashes. Do not rub your eyes or pull or pull the extension as this can cause the eyelashes to fall off prematurely or even damage the natural eyelashes. If the eyelashes and each eyelash are used correctly, they will not fall off.

When you use false eyelashes correctly, there is really no risk. But you must not buy fake eyelashes that are cheap. Cheap fake eyelashes will not only damage your eyelashes but also damage your eyes. Because cheap eyelashes are made with chemical agents. Remember, you get the price you pay.

Do you want to start your own mink lash company ? Looking for mink lash wholesale vendor ? Covergirl Lashe is your best chose .

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ?




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Can You Go Swimming With Eyelash Extensions?

Can You Go Swimming With Eyelash Extensions?

Can you go swimming with eyelash extensions? There are 3 experienced friends to answer your questions. This is their personal experience, hope that can help you.

  1. You can be sure. Just make sure you don’t use any oily products (removal remover, etc.) on your eyes. It is recommended that you do not expose your extension to a damp environment for the first 24 hours if you want to wear eyelashes. You can purchase specially formulated products to keep your extensions.As long as you follow the follow-up care, they should be fine, I hope it helps.
  2. Yes, you can wear eyelashes in the sea – they won’t be affected. They are an excellent alternative to waterproof mascara. Since seawater is non-chlorinated, it should be OKAY, but it is not acceptable if you go to the pool often.Eyelash extension makes it the best treatment before going on vacation
  1. You don’t need to wear mascara, worry that it will be applied in the water. You will look good in the morning and be ready to start your day..!! If you use an oil remover or anything that contains oil, it will only fall out. This is worth it.If you postpone 2 or 3 days before the holiday and the technician applies a sealant to the eyelashes (which should be the case anyway), the eyelashes should be washed with water. In the first 24 hours, it was not really water to break the bond, but excessive friction and contact as well as exposure to water and moisture.

Yes, you can go swimming with eyelash extensions. It should be noted that try not to go swimming for the first three days of eyelash extension. Do not soak in water for long periods of time.

How To Order Our eyelash extensions

Covergirl mink eyelash vendors wholesale high quality eyelash extensions. If you want to have such beautiful eyelashes, take the time to contact us.

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What’s The Difference Between Silk And Synthetic Lash Extensions ?

What’s The Difference Between Silk And Synthetic Lash Extensions ?

Customers often ask about the difference between silk, synthetic, and water eyelash extensions. We may not be very familiar with these two materials. What are the differences and disadvantages? And which one do we want to choose? This article has the pros and cons of each type of eyelash extension and how to choose the right eyelash extension.

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

The synthetic eyelash extension is made of acrylic material and has the highest hardness. From the appearance, they are brighter and more lustrous. Because of his sturdiness, they can keep curling very well. If you apply mascara to the synthetic eyelash extension, it will look very dramatic and it is very popular with young people.

A variety of eyelash extensions are more suitable for people with healthy, thick eyelashes. But his weight is heavier than silk or leeches, and is not the best choice for people who wear it for a long time.

macro shot of woman with blue eyes and false eylashes, before and after concept.

Silk lash Extensions

Silk Eyelash Extension aims to mimic real water mane. They are very delicate, soft and very smooth. But unlike water mink, if you accidentally wet them, they will still curl. If you can care for them carefully, they will be very long lasting. And they are very light and suitable for long wear. They do not fall off even after prolonged wear.

This eyelash extension is more suitable for young people who need to wear for a long time.

If you are still worried about choosing which material’s eyelash extension, I hope this article can help you.

How To Order Our Lashes

Covergirl wholesale mink lashes suppliers not only offers high quality 3D MINK EYELASH but also mink eyelash extensions, silk eyelash extensions, synthetic lash extensions. The thickness is between 0.03-0.15. A variety of styles to choose from. If you are interested in our eyelashes, you can contact us at

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