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Covergirl Eyelash Vendor Latest Style Lashes Packaging Box

Covergirl Lashes Latest Style Lashes Packaging Box

Our designers have designed the latest styles of eyelash packaging, which combines many popular elements to make them look perfect and more luxurious.

Square Eyelash Package Boxes


The first series is a square eyelash package with a large window. After you put your eyelashes in the box, you can look at the style of the eyelashes very cleanly. And the square eyelash box has a lot of colors, very luxurious colors, can make your eyelashes look more expensive, high-end

Diamond-Type Eyelash Packaging Box

The second design is a diamond-type eyelash box. Unlike the previous diamond eyelash box, the latest style of eyelash box has diamond-shaped lines on it, making the box look more three-dimensional and tangible. And this diamond box also has a lot of colors, very suitable for 25mm eyelashes. It is now the most fashionable eyelash box.

Marble Custom Lashes Packaging Box

The third latest model is the marble line. Our designers use the classic marbled roads to design the boxes into different shapes, very high-end atmosphere. Our eyelashes are packed into a marbled box that shows the beauty of the eyelashes.