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My Experience Of Wearing Our Brand Mink Eyelashes II

My Experience Of Wearing Our Brand Mink Eyelashes II

With two weeks of experience in wearing our eyelashes, I am more interested in our brand’s eyelashes and more confident. I feel that as a professional wholesale mink eyelash vendors, it is very necessary to wear your own eyelashes.
Now I will wear each style for 5 days, so I can understand my eyelashes more. I still wear 25mm mink eyelashes for these two weeks.

Hot selling wholesale mink lashes 25mm DL02

First of all, my first choice is our best sellers wholesale mink lashes 25mm DL02. The effect of this eyelash wear looks very similar to the DL04. This eyelash is also very light and comfortable to wear. The design of this eyelash is very bold and very dramatic. He needs you to have a very beautiful eye makeup, which will be more beautiful.

Hot selling wholesale mink lashes 25mm DL05

The second week I chose is still 25mm wholesale mink lashes, DL05. This mink eyelash is also very comfortable and light to wear. After wearing this eyelash, your eyes will look very soft, making your whole person look more gentle. Will make you more confident. This eyelash is highly recommended. You can try it.

Hot selling wholesale mink lashes 25mm DL08

The third style lashes is still our 25mm mink eyelashes. This eyelash is the most dramatic one. Because I am Chinese, my eyes are small, so thick eyelashes are not suitable for me. This eyelash is suitable for a more solid, more contoured face from the United States or from Europe. If you are going to a masquerade, if you need to attend a party, this style eyelash is the best choice.

I will continue to wear our eyelashes for the next two weeks, we have 22/20/16mm eyelashes. Which effect do you want to see with your eyelashes? If you have a style you like, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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