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Mink VS Synthetic Eyelashes

Mink VS Synthetic Eyelashes

Hi, everyone. There are many kinds of eyelashes on the market today, the main lashes are mink lashes and synthetic eyelashes. Many people must can’t distinguish mink lashes and synthetic lashes. So how to distinguish them? How does Mink lashes compare to synthetic lashes? If you have questions about this, I hope this article can help you.

The synthetic lashes on the market, usually made of silk, it is more thicker and less elastic, so they are unnatural and uncomfortable to wear.

The opposite mink lashes look lighter, more layered, and comfortable to wear. The water mane naturally brings beautiful curls, and the mink hairs are long and can create unique effects that are more natural to wear, like real eyelashes. Covergirl wholesale mink lashes vendor supply top quality mink eyelashes . Our eyelashes are all Cotton Stalk, making eyelashes more comfortable to wear. The Covergirl wholesale mink lashes vendor is hand-crafted to ensure the quality of the eyelashes.

Of course, synthetic eyelashes also have an advantage: they are inexpensive. However, synthetic eyelashes are usually worn less often. Mink lashes sold by Covergirl wholesale mink lashes vendor can usually be used 25-30 times.

I believe that your have 25mm siberian mink lashes you want. Whether you want mink lashes or synthetic lashes, we can supply them. If you are interested in our eyelashes or have any questions about mink lashes or synthetic lashes, you can contact us. WhatsAPP :+8618253206339. INS@vivienfeifei_lashes

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