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Learn How To Properly Curl Your Lashes

Learn How To Properly Curl Your Lashes

If you want to be fuller, longer eyelashes, curling is a must. Also, curling your eyelashes will open your eyes and make them look bigger. So whether your eyelashes are naturally straight or flattened due to poor maintenance or other reasons, this small step can help your eyes stand out. Using an eyelash curler (before applying mascara) is an absolute way to make your eyelashes more attractive, but do you know there are other ways to curl your eyelashes? Want to know more? Read on to find out all about how to curl your eyelashes.

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Different ways of curling eyelashes

If you happen to grab yourself without an eyelash curler, try some alternatives (these methods may not be as effective as the eyelash curler, but they will work).
But first, let’s use the eyelash curler to introduce the basics of using the eyelash curler, for those who own the tool but never actually use it (because it looks like some kind of torture device?)
1. How to use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes
Hold your eyelash curler. Once your curler is fully open, make sure your rubber strip is up to the top of your upper eyelashes. Now that your eyelashes are inside, place the curler in an upright position (its curve should face outwards.) Gently close the curler on the eyelashes and gently squeeze with the pulse handle. Turn your curler slowly – its curve must be aligned with your eyelid crease curve. Do not blink or move – Hold the curler for a few seconds. Gently press the curler with the same pressure to move it from the root of the eyelash to the tip. If you are not satisfied with the curl, you can repeat this step again until the desired effect is achieved. Apply mascara in just a few seconds to create thicker, fuller eyelashes!
2. How to use mascara to bend eyelashes?
First use the mascara stick to curl the eyelashes through the roots in a tortuous motion. Now put the wand at the root of the eyelashes for a few seconds. Slowly go to the tip. Apply a second coat to keep curl and some extra volume

Tip: How To Bend Your Eyelashes Without Hurting Them?

Whether you want to curl your eyelashes safely or naturally grow healthier, more gorgeous eyelashes, there are a bunch of tricks to help you!
Washing your face before going to bed is important, but it doesn’t stop there. Make sure you remove the last point of the cosmetic (even if it is almost impossible to remove the waterproof mascara). If you fall asleep with mascara or eyeliner marks, you are likely to become infected, and your eyelashes are likely to become dry and fragile. This will cause them to fall, you will blame the expensive mascara, but it’s all on you.

You can remove eye makeup with micelle or coconut oil. Oil is a healthy alternative to nourish and moisturize your eyelashes. Just as you take care of your precious hair on your head, it’s also important to do the same for your eyelashes. Use conditioner or eyelash essence before going to bed – if you follow this practice all the time, you will wake up with healthier, longer eyelashes.

You should be careful when using the eyelash curler. Always use a clean eyelash curler – old cosmetics will accumulate on your curling iron. This needs to be cleaned up because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, remember not to squeeze or pull too hard, because your eyelashes do have a tendency to lose their elasticity and become brittle.

It is important to rest your eyelashes at regular intervals. Believe me, your eyelashes will thank you. You don’t know how much dyes and chemicals are in the mascara, which may hinder the natural growth of the eyelashes. Make sure to change the mascara every three months,

because the formula will not only become agglomerated and dry, but your mascara stick is another breeding ground for bacteria, and your risk of contracting your eyes is high. Last but not least, follow healthy eating habits. Eat more foods rich in vitamins that promote healthy growth of your eyelashes.

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