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How To Wear False Eyelashes

How To Wear False Eyelashes

For a newbie, wearing false eyelashes for the first time is a very headache. How to choose the eyelash that suits you? How to wear eyelashes perfectly? How to do it without hurting your own eyes? How to choose an accessory tool for eyelashes? These are some of the problems. Below I will share with you some experience in wearing eyelashes.

1,First, you need to prepare the following items. False eyelashes, tweezers, glue. These three items are essential for wearing false eyelashes. However, choosing eyelashes is definitely not a casual choice. Choose the eyelashes that suit your eye size and eye shape. Also choose according to the occasion where you wear eyelashes. If you are attending a dance, you can choose exaggerated eyelashes. If you are working, choose a low-key style eyelash. It is also important to choose glue. The glue is in direct contact with the eyes. If you choose a bad quality glue, it will cause great damage to your eyes. Covergirl lashes eyelash vendors can also provide high quality eyelash glue, non-toxic and harmless, without any harm to the eyes. Regarding the choice of tweezers, be sure to avoid the tip, so as not to cause damage to the eyes. If these three items are ready, you can proceed.

2, First use the eyelash curler to curl your own eyelashes, so that the curling degree of the false eyelashes is more suitable, so as not to be divided into two layers, affecting the overall effect.

3, With mascara, carefully apply the root of your eyelashes, do not paint very thick, the main purpose of this is to keep your own eyelashes curling curl.

4,Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and place them on top of your eyelashes. Remember to reserve the position of the eye about 3mm and cut off the long part of the eye. Adjust the length of the eyelashes.

5,Use small scissors to cut off the long part of the false eyelashes. Be careful to cut the end of the eye when trimming, and keep the eyes.

6,Pinch the ends of the eyelashes and bend the arc of the fan shape. The curvature is in accordance with the curvature of the eye.

7,Apply a layer of glue along the stalk of the false eyelashes. Apply more on both ends, because the eye and the tail are very easy to lift.

8,Finally, use the tweezers to stick the false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes, and gently adjust the position of the eyelashes by hand.

Then repeat the above steps for the other eye and you will have a pair of charming big eyes. Repeatedly practice this several times, you can skillfully wear 3d mink eyelashes. I hope my article can help you. Covergirl Lashes is a mink strip lashes wholesale Vendor. If you want to do a small busienss for your won . you should contact us .

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