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How To Use Eyelashes Correctly To Make It Last Longer

How To Use Eyelashes Correctly To Make It Last Longer

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Now, more and more girls will paint a delicate makeup before going out. At this time mink eyelashes will play a pivotal role. A pair of beautiful eyelashes can make your makeup more delicate. Not only that, the eyelashes will also make your eyes look bigger and more charming. However, you also need to use eyelashes correctly. In this way, the life of the eyelashes will be longer, and you can use it to increase the number of times the eyelashes are used. Covergirl Lash Vendors is the most professional Mink Lash Vendorsr in China. Below I will introduce you three tips to extend the life of your eyelashes

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1. Handle with care
No matter how good quality eyelashes are, they need daily care. Remembering these tips can save you a lot of money on eyelashes. When you use the eyelashes, be sure to use tweezers to gently take the eyelashes out of the customized eyelash packaging box. Remember not to tear the eyelashes as this will damage the stalk of the eyelashes.

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2. Use qualified glue, don’t smear other randomly
As we all know, the eyes are a very important part of the human body. Eyelashes need to be worn at the root of the eyelashes, which are in direct contact with the eyes. So when choosing glue, 《what-are-the-advantages-of-our-glue》be sure to choose free latex glue. This will not only protect your eyelashes, but more importantly, protect your eyes. Do not apply mascara on your eyelashes casually, because you need to wash your eyelashes after applying mascara. If you wash more frequently, it will also damage your eyelashes.

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3.Store Them Properly
After you remove your makeup, be sure not to throw your eyelashes around, and be sure to put your eyelashes flat in the eyelash packaging, or in any box that stores your eyelashes. This will not only protect your eyelashes, but also protect your eyelashes from contamination, which further protects your eyes. If you want to clean the eyelashes, you can put the eyelashes in clean water and gently rub them, and then add an appropriate amount of makeup remover, so that the residual glue can be easily washed off.

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If you think these tips we shared are helpful to you, you can tell your friends or tell your customers. This can benefit more people

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