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How To Select Your Perfect Mink Lashes

How To Select Your Perfect Mink Lashes

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Ah, the magic of false lashes. They instantly make your eyes pop and elevate any beauty look! I’ve been wearing false lashes for years off and on – so I’ve become somewhat of an expert of what works and what doesn’t. False lashes can be intimidating for beginners, so today I wanted to share 5 tips and tricks to achieving the most swoon-worthy lashes.

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Tip #1: Select Good Quality Lashes

False eyelashes are typically either synthetic or make with real mink fur. Most of the false lashes you’ll find in the drugstore are synthetic. Synthetic lashes are made with plastic fibers, giving them a “fake” appearance. While they’re the most affordable option, they’re not very durable. Case in point: After 1-2 uses, you’ll notice wear. On the other hand, mink lashes are made with real mink fur giving a more feathery, realistic look. They blend in with your natural lashes easier and can be reused over and over. They’re on the more pricey side – however the amount of wear you’ll get out of them will likely match or surpass that of synthetic lashes. Lately I’ve been wearing Private Label Extensions mink lashes as I love their quality and reasonable price points!

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Tip #2: Select Lashes For Your Eye Shape

All lashes are not created equal. With tons of styles and lengths on the market – how does one select the correct lashes for their face? First, let’s break it down by eye shape.

Round Eyes

When you look in the mirror, if you can see the entire iris of your eyes you have round eyes. For a natural look, you’ll want to select falsies that are thin and fan upwards. If you want some added drama, opt for lashes with added length at the corners, creating a cat eye effect. For round eyes, check out these lashes: 

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Almond Eyes

If you look into the mirror and a part of your iris disappears under your lids you have almond eyes. Most lash styles look great on this eye type (lucky you!). You can go for the cat eye look with a pair of thick lashes with length at the corners. If you want your lashes to look larger, go for a tapered pair of strip lashes. You can also wear a pair of lashes that are evenly distributed for a voluminous affect! For almond eyes, check out these lashes: 

Hooded Eyes

If the crease of your eyes is hidden beneath the upper part of your lid or brow bone, you have hooded eyes. I have hooded eyes, so I know a thing or two about creating the illusion of depth. False lashes can help to “open your eyes” and make them look larger. The best falsies for you are those which taper at each end with the longest lashes in the center or the strip. For hooded eyes, check out these lashes:

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If your eyelid doesn’t have a crease whatsoever, you have monolid eyes. False lashes can work wonders to give monolid eyes depth and make them appear larger. You’ll want to look for false lashes that have a curl to them with multi-layer lashes to open the eyes. For a natural look, gravitate towards short to medium length lashes with a dramatic upwards curl. For a more dramatic look, choose lashes that elongate the eye with an upwards curl. For monolids, check out these lashes: 

Tip #3: Trim Lashes To Fit Your Eyes

No matter your eye shape, you’ll need to size your lashes to your eyes by trimming them with scissors. The worst thing you can do is apply falsies as is on your eyes. All eyes are different sizes and lashes that are too long or too short won’t sit right on your eyelid. To fit your lashes, rest the false lash along your lash line. The lash should begin a few millimeters past the inner corner of your lashes. This will ensure your eyes won’t get irritated. Mark where your natural lashes end on the strip with your finger. Then, use scissors to trim the end of your false lash. Make sure to always cut from outside edge and fit each lash individually as your eyes can be different sizes!

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Tip #4: Practice Applying Falsies

Lash application takes practice, my dear! It took me a few tries to get it down pat and I still have issues from time to time. Everyone applies their lashes differently, so it’s all about finding a technique that works for you. Some use tweezers to apply their lashes, some use their fingers, some use fancy lash application devices. Do what works for you. I find it easiest to apply my lashes with my fingers. First, I wash my hands. Then, I apply lash glue to the back of my hand and let it sit for 5-10 seconds to let it get tacky. Then, I take a lash with my fingers and run it across the glue. I begin by applying the lash to the inner corner of my eye. Why? Because I’m super finicky with my lashes and they need to begin at the perfect spot so they don’t irritate my eyes. Once I press down the inner side of the lash, I hold it still with my left hand. Then, I take my right hand and gradually press on the lash towards the outer corner of my eye. Once the entire lash is on my lid, I hold it still with both hands for 10-15 seconds.

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Tip #5: Apply Eyeliner/Mascara To Blend Lashes

Whether I’m going for a natural or dramatic look, I always use black liquid eyeliner and mascara to blend the false lashes with my own. First, I take black liquid eyeliner and begin at the inner corner of my eyelids before my false lashes begin. I then gently apply it on the lash band (which connects the lashes) towards my outer lash. If I’m feeling extra sassy, I extra the liner to create a winged cat eye. In this case, the eyeliner helps to conceal the lash band and adhesive glue. Afterwards, I apply an extremely thin layer of mascara starting at the base of the false lashes. I take the wand and gently brush upwards, meshing my natural lashes with the falsies.

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Tip #6: Remove Lashes With Care

Perhaps the most important tidbit of information I can give you is be extremely careful removing your false lashes. You can easily rip out your real eyelashes if you’re too abrasive with removal. Before removing your lashes, soak a cotton pad in a gentle makeup remover or coconut oil and let it sit over your closed eye for 10 seconds to loosen the glue. Gently peel away the lashes. If you plan to re-use the lashes, make sure to remove any access adhesive glue and use a makeup remover to clean them thoroughly. Make sure to store your lashes in an air tight sealed plastic container or ziplock bag to keep them sanitary.

I want to know what tips you have for applying false lashes. I always love learning new hacks! Let me know in the comments below!

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