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How To Repurchase Mink Eyelashes From Eyelash Vendors?

How To Repurchase Mink Eyelashes From Eyelash Vendors?
You need to know that when you sell your first sample order, you must repurchase eyelashes from Eyelash Vendors. Have you ever thought about what you should do before you repurchase your 3D Mink Eyelashes ?
The first thing is to choose the best eyelash supplier
This requires you to pass customer feedback in the process of selling, you have to remember the best seller and the worst seller, and then repurchase the best MINK lash bulk order and never buy it again.
The second thing is to get rid of the unsellable eyelash styles
Unselling eyelash styles will waste a lot of your time. Time is the cost. You can sell more best-selling eyelash styles when you have this time! Therefore, you should record the good eyelash styles you sell, and you can choose to buy more when you order the second time.

And you should ask about the latest eyelashes and the best-selling eyelashes in the world, and the sales staff of the eyelash factory will give you purchase advice.
One more thing, make sure you can provide all lengths and style
if you only have 25mm Mink Eyelashes, you should buy 20mm eyelashes and 13-18mm normal natural eyelashes. Because the mink eyelashes market is very large and the customer base is also very large, you must try your best to meet the needs of customers!
Tips: After you sell out the best-selling eyelashes, some of the non-selling eyelashes will stay, which will increase your cost! Laroche Mink Lash Vendors is here to tell you how to solve it? You can give it to old customers when they place an order. For example, if a girl buys 10 pairs of eyelashes, you can give her 1 pair of eyelashes for free. Because of this pair of eyelashes, you may sell more eyelashes than before.

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