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How To Keep Curls In Curly Hair?

How To Keep Curls In Curly Hair?

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Curly hair is favored by more and more fashion people, because curly hair looks more fashionable and energetic as a whole. Curly hair requires a certain degree of curl of the Wholesale Virgin Hair, but its curl will decrease over time. Appearance brings some undesirable effects.

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But when taking care of curly hair, you must also know how to maintain the curl. Generally speaking, you can achieve the goal by using less pomade and drying your Brazilian hair wholesale. So what are the specific methods? Today we will talk about this issue and hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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1. Don’t use pomade products

If people want to make the effect of curling hair longer, don’t use hair care products frequently, because after using it, it will only make the hair smoother, which is not conducive to the maintenance of curls. Therefore, people should not use hair care after their hair is permed. Supplements, conditioners, etc., are very effective for maintaining the curl of the hair. Because the wig material is made of real human hair, for the same reason, it is not possible to use pomade products.

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At the same time, when combing your hair, don’t use too much force, otherwise it will definitely cause the curls of the hair to not be maintained for a long time, especially for some people with soft hair, the hair is inherently very difficult to style, for curly hair More difficult, less use of pomade products can help maintain curly hairstyles.

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2. Keep your hair completely dry
If you want the styling effect of your curly hair hood to last longer, on the one hand, you must blow the hair until it is completely dry before curling, or put the wig in a ventilated place to dry naturally, which is very useful for maintaining the curl of the hair. Good, because after the hair dries, it will not contain a lot of moisture inside, and it will be easier to style after the curling.

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Therefore, some people feel that their curly hair hoods become straight after a few days. On the one hand, the reason is that the hair is not completely dried after washing, and there is a lot of moisture in it, which will also make it difficult for the hair to last for a long time. This point requires everyone to pay attention to stereotypes. On the other hand, your wig headgear should be washed regularly. After washing, the curvature can be restored to the previous curling effect.

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