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How To Get False Lashes To Stay On Longer?

How To Get False Lashes To Stay On Longer?

Many people who have worn false eyelashes will definitely encounter this situation. The false mink lashes that they wear will often fall off on their own, especially in some important occasions, which will be very embarrassing.

Let me introduce to you, how to keep the eyelashes longer?
Make sure your false eyelashes stay longer and, most importantly, you need to use the right method when you wear them. Make sure the eyelashes are properly sized to fit your eyes, with no edges beyond the eyes. The second is to apply the eyelash glue to the stem of the false mink eyelashes. Let the glue solidify for about 30 seconds until it feels sticky.

Then slowly apply the eyelashes to your eyes and pay special attention to the corners of the eyes until they are tightly attached. After the initial sticking, you can use the eyelash tweezers or the cotton swab to ensure that it has been glued. In addition, you must choose high-quality glue, the glue must be fresh, if it is a long time eyelash glue, it will become very dry, so the viscosity will be very poor, it should be replaced in time.

In time, you have already worn the false eyelashes according to the above steps, but there may still be unexpected situations. For example, it may be accidentally scraped off false eyelashes by other things, or the false eyelashes may fall off due to poor quality of the glue. Therefore, you should wear some eyelash glue and other emergency tools, such as eyelash curlers and cotton swabs. This allows you to adjust in time if you feel the eyelashes are loose.

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