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How To Enlarge Mink Eyelash Business

How To Enlarge Mink Eyelash Business

To enlarge your mink eyelash business, first you need to know more about the eyelashes. How to distinguish whether the eyelashes you purchased are real mink hairs? For this we did an experiment:

Second, we must reduce costs. Many customers buy only 1-3 pairs of eyelashes as samples when they first purchase mink eyelashes, but this is not very cost-effective. Because the shipping cost of the three pairs of eyelashes is 25 dollars, the shipping cost of 10 pairs of eyelashes is also 25 dollars. Why not choose more styles? In this way, the cost of each pair of eyelashes will be reduced.
Third, be sure to choose the right style. The update of the eyelash style is very fast, so you must have a forward-looking vision and choose the best-selling eyelash style. Once the new eyelash styles appear on the market, you should update your store’s style in a timely manner.
Fourth, choose high-quality water lashes, only the quality of the eyelashes can be a little bit to accumulate their customers, and finally exaggerate their eyelash business. Many customers will buy cheap eyelashes, so that no customer will buy back for the second time, there will never be a long-term customer, and there will be no big eyelash business.

Fifth, you must have your own brand. The brand is the longest, and once your brand is recognized, you can enjoy it. Be sure to promote your own brand, such as through INS, Facebook, YouTube, Google and other social networking sites.

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