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How To Choose The Best Mink Strip Lashes?

How To Choose The Best Mink Strip Lashes?

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In fact, it is very important to choose best strip Mink Lashes Wholesale. It can help you start your eyelash business and improve your eyelash business! However, most people who want to start eyelash business don’t know how to choose good eyelashes. As your Lash Vendors, we will help you!

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First of all, you should check the eyelash band!

What you need to focus on is the gloss of the eyelash band, whether the eyelashes are glossy and smooth, which is the characteristic of high-quality eyelashes. The hardness of eyelash band, too hard eyelashes uncomfortable, unnatural; Too soft eyelashes don’t curl well. The curvature of the eyelash band determines whether the eyelash will bend naturally, which will determine whether it is similar to the growth curve of your real eyelash

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Second, learn about three different eyelash bands

Hard band:This kind of hard eyelash band may cause discomfort to the eyes. It is made of black plastic, also known as plastic belt. But there are many people like it, make-up remover will not penetrate into the stem, easy to clean, reuse 10 times basically no problem.
Soft band:It is usually made of cotton thread with thin tape and soft lines. So the use of soft eyelash band will make your eyes feel very comfortable, and naturally enlarge your eyes!

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Transparent band:Made of transparent plastic, the color is transparent, attached to the eye is basically invisible. Plastic is better than black plastic, softer, more elastic, more natural and more supportive than black plastic handle.

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