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Standards For Distinguishing Quality Of Artificial Eyelashes

Standards For Distinguishing Quality Of Artificial Eyelashes

Standards for distinguishing quality of artificial eyelashes (subjective judgment). Eyelash in the market come in all shapes and sizes. But the quality is also uneven, if you judge the quality of false eyelash is a top priority.Choosing a good eyelash is also very important for us. Good quality eyelashes will be more comfortable and natural when worn on the eyes. Poor quality eyelash may cause hair loss, and may even hurt the eyes.


1.Whether the degree of curling is stable Winding instability, poor quality .Curl stability, good quality

  1. Whether the length of eyelashes is neat

Lashes are messy and poor quality .Lashes are neat and of good quality

  1. Whether the eyelashes feel good

Lashes hard, poor quality .Lashes feel soft and elastic, good quality

  1. Is the gloss normal?

Excessive eyelash gloss, poor quality .Lash gloss is just right, good quality

  1. Is the installation convenient?

Lash installation operation is more troublesome and poor quality .Lash installation easy operation, good quality

  1. Does the tweezers clip leave a trace?

After tweezers clip, residual marks, poor quality .After tweezers clip, no traces, good quality

  1. Is it easy to take eyelashes?

The glue of the fixing plate adheres to the artificial eyelash, making it difficult to take the eyelash and the quality is poor .Easy to remove from thin plate, good quality

  1. Is it excluded from true lashes?

Causes static electricity, rejects real lashes, poor quality .No static electricity, no real lashes rejection, good quality

“The eight criteria for distinguishing the quality of artificial eyelash require subjective judgement of the beauty eyelashes division. On the one hand, they are exposed to different brands of eyelashes, and on the other hand, they carefully examine the eight characteristics of good quality eyelashes. It will make you a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you feel this way, you will be right because you are making progress.

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