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Custom Mink Eyelash Case

Our custom mink eyelash Case come in a variety of styles, only you can’t think of them, there are no styles we don’t have. Shape, size, and craftsmanship are all available to suit your needs. Not only that, but we can also customize your own mink lash case, your own logo, the shape of your own design box, the production process of your own choice of lashes case, you can fully meet your individual pursuit, stand out. We have designers who specialize in designing eyelash boxes, one-on-one for you. As long as you have ideas, let us know, our designers can design your ideal mink eyelash case.

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Why You Choose Us

Diverse materials and diverse colors.

The materials we make in the box are also varied. There are plastic eyelash box, cardboard shell eyelash box, flannel box, high-grade imitation crocodile leather box, imitation snake skin eyelash box, etc. As long as you think of the material, we can give you the eyelash box you want.

Advanced technology and leading the trend.

Our mink eyelashes boxes are also far ahead in production. Our production processes are: UV, 3D, hot stamping, printing, etc. Among them, 3D and UV are the most advanced production processes, and the logo produced by this process is more realistic and more stereoscopic.

Delivery And After Sales Service


1.If you order less than 500 custom eyelash case , produce time is about 7-10 days. If you order more than 1000 custom eyelash case, produce time is about 15 days.
2.We generally use UPS / DHL / FedEx, the delivery speed of these courier companies are very fast, usually 3-5 days can be delivered, the longest is no more than 7 days.
3.All the fees are paid in one lump sum, when the orders arrived, you do not need to pay any additional fees.

After Sales Service

We have a dedicated after-sales team. If there is something wrong with the product you purchased, don’t worry that our after-sales team will solve it for you in the first time. Our service is the most professional, you don’t need any worry, welcome to order our wholesale mink lashes

How To Buy Our Custom Eyelash Case

If you are interested in our lashes you can contact me at

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Email to vivien@miislashes.com

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