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DH003 Big Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Hot Selling

DH003 Big Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Hot Selling

DH003 is one of the most popular models of big mink eyelashes. The DH003 is inspired by chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums bloom in the fall, not competing with other flowers. Proud and indifferent. This big mink lashes are full-bodied and cross-designed for bolder and more unrestrained. Ideal for parties and cocktail receptions. People have a more mysterious feeling.

DH003 is a big eyelash that is very popular with customers. Whether it’s friends from the Americas or friends from all over the world, I like this eyelash. Because it is suitable for most people to wear.

This eyelash is handmade and the raw materials are all derived from Siberian mink. Very smooth and natural. DH003 is the queen of the big eyelashes.

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