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DH001 Big Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

DH001 Big Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

In August of 2018, our designers designed the 12 styles of 25mm mink eyelashes. The first one was born and named DH001. Big mink eyelash DH001 is inspired by the autumn leaves. Freedom, willfulness, no bondage. This big mink lashes, with a long outer side and a short inner side.It makes your eyes look more fluid and sexy. Otherwise, DH001 has no crossover design, making people feel smoother and more natural.

DH001 big mink lashes have been loved by many customers. It can be worn at work, not exaggerated, unrestrained.And it can also be worn at parties, with a low-key luxury feel. Instantly make you the protagonist.

Are you still looking for big lashes? Come here and you can choose all the styles you want. And we also support OEM, tell us your thoughts, we will give you the eyelashes you want most.

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