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Custom Mink Lashes Expert

Custom Mink Lashes Expert

Achieving long, beautiful lashes in a short period of time is the conundrum which millions of men and women around the world try to resolve with a number of products promising to give you longer healthier lashes in a couple of months but few which promise results in only 28 days. custom mink lashes Expert is one of those products which claim to give you results within 28 days, to strengthen and naturally enhance to beauty of your lashes no matter what their condition. I’m sure you’re skeptical whether or not custom mink lashes Expert actually works and if it really produces visible results in 28 days and so here we will provide you with a review of custom mink lashes Expert, helping you decide whether this is the eyelash enhancer product for you.

What is custom mink lashes Expert?

custom mink lashes Expert is an eyelash enhancer solution which aims to make your eyelashes naturally longer curlier and darker within 28 days. With natural ingredients such as nettle extract, fruit extract and horse chestnut this product is aimed to give your eyelashes the healthiest chance of rejuvenation. Additionally it has a number of active ingredients which are specifically aimed to enhance specific areas of your lashes.

Firstly it has anti aging peptides which importantly aim to strengthen and lengthen your lashes giving you that longer lash look which you desire. Secondly it also has polymers and silk proteins which increase the shine of your lashes and so the appearance of how long and curly your lashes appear to others. Thirdly it includes baobab leaf and sour orange extract which protects your lashes from UV rays and radiation from the sun. Therefore your lashes can stay fully conditioned throughout the day remaining stronger and healthier.

custom mink lashes Expert like all custom mink lashes products has also been clinically tested to measure its effectiveness on lash growth and colour by the GREDECO Research and Assessment group in Paris, France concluding that within a 28 day period participants noticed a 50% increase in lash colour and lash curve with a maximum of 4.1mm is lash length achieved.

How is custom mink lashes Expert Applied?

custom mink lashes Expert has a double extender applicator brush which consists of a mascara applicator and a sponge applicator.

Firstly with the sponge applicator apply the solution to the root of the eyelashes and then with the mascara applicator apply the solution to the rest of the length of the lashes. The application of the solution should be applied to your lashes twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening for all of the 28 days. After this period of time it is recommended that you continue using the product but instead of twice a day, once a day.

Pros of Using custom mink lashes Expert –

Using custom mink lashes Expert can provide you with many benefits for longer lash growth as it not only extends your lashes but darkens them and makes them curvier. This is even more impressive considering that the key ingredients of this product are all natural and effectively act to grow your lashes longer.

By also being clinically tested custom mink lashes Expert provides reassurance for you in buying their product, in ensuring you that their product does produce effective results in 28 days, ensuring that your money is not wasted. The natural ingredients of the product also ensure that there is little chance of an allergic reaction helping those of us with sensitive eyes to use a product without worrying what we may look like when we wake up the next morning.

Cons of Using custom mink lashes Expert –

custom mink lashes Expert is not available in a wide range of stores and so it is not easily available to pick up immediately if you run out. The availability on the internet is good but it is advisable to purchase from recognizable online retailers.

Here we have provided you with a review of custom mink lashes Expert and the benefits and pitfalls that using this product may bring. Compared to other eyelash extender products which are currently on the market we are in no doubt that this product is one of those which are value for money due to its effectiveness within a 28 day period and the fact that it is packed full of natural ingredients. This is a must try!

Custom Mink Lashes
Custom Mink Lashes

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