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Covergirl Lashes’s Record Of Customer Transactions Within One Day

Covergirl Lashes’s Record Of Customer Transactions Within One Day

Every time our customer places an order from Covergirl eyelash vendors, in order to let our customer receive their package earlier, we will told our customer: “We have a lot of orders for production and delivery. In order to let you receive your package earlier, I suggest you can pay the prepayment first, so that we can prepare your package in time, and when you pay the balance we can send it directly. “

Covergirl eyelash vendors Record 1

Most customers don’t believe that we have so many orders, or some customers can’t imagine How many orders do we have? The screenshot below is the payment record of our PayPal in one day.

Covergirl eyelash vendors Record 2

We have a lot of orders every day. This is enough to show that our products are of good quality and the quality of our eyelashes is stable. If you are interested in our eyelashes, you can order samples first and you will definitely like our eyelashes.

Covergirl eyelash vendors Record 3

And we also sell custom eyelash packaging, the eyelash packaging with your logo MOQ is very low, and the price is very reasonable. We also sell eyelash glue, tweezers and other ancillary products. You can purchase all the eyelash products you need at one time.

Covergirl eyelash vendors Record 1

Cover girl is an eyelashes vendor worthy of your cooperation

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