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Covergirl Lashes Review

Covergirl Lashes Review

Covergirl Lashes The best Mink Lashes Vendor I Have Worked With

I am an eyelash seller. I have worked with some mink eyelash vendors when I started my eyelash company, but I always encounter some  awkward problems. For example: The quality of the sample eyelashes are very good, but the quality of the eyelashes is very poor when order bulk lashes;

The delivery time is unstable, the communication is delivered for one week, but it will always be delayed until 10-15 days;.In addition, hair loss left and right asymmetry and so on. All of these problems made my eyelash business very difficult and lost a lot of customers. This makes me very sad.

Sample Lashes To Test The Quality

By chance I found Covergirl lashes on google. But the price of their 3d mink eyelashes is more expensive than other wholesale mink lashes vendors.In order to test their lashes quality I bought 15 pairs mink lashes first time. The order was shipped in one day, and I received the sample mink lashes in three days after delivery.

When I received the sample mink lashes I was stunned by the quality of the eyelashes. First of all, Covergirl mink lashes has no irritating smell, and there is no problem of asymmetry. And the band of the mink eyelashes are very soft and comfortable to wear. Covergirl mink lashes is very worth the price. If you take care of eyelashes, Covergirl mink lashes can be reused 25-30 times, so they are very cost effective.

Wholesale Covergirl Mink Lashes

After that, I ordered another test mink eyelashes order, this time I ordered 100 pairs of mink eyelashes. Because I am worried that the quality of bulk ordering will be worse than the sample mink eyelashes. On the third day of my order, they sent my order, and I also received my eyelashes during the three-day shipping time. Amazing!I am very shocked! The quality of the mink lashes ordered in bulk is exactly the same as the sample mink eyelash. And the styles are exactly the same. I finally found the mink eyelash vendor I wanted.

Amazing! My customers like those eyelash style very much. After chatting with Covergirl lashes vendor , I know that Covergirl lashes has its own mink eyelash designer, he will design new styles every year. This year their designer designed DH LASHES, my customers like it very much. I ordered DH004/DH007/DH008,.Those mink eyelashes are very eye-catching and can make your eyes more attractive and beautiful. If you like more dramatic, unique mink lashes, be sure to choose Covergirl DH lashes.

Establish Long-lasting Cooperation With Covergirllashes Vendor

Soon I sold the 100 pairs of mink eyelashes. This time I ordered 8,000 pairs mink lashes. Now I have received all of these 8000 pairs of mink eyelash. The quality of the eyelashes ordered in bulk is exactly the same as the sample. This made me very shocked! And their delivery is very timely.

At the same time, they also supply private custom eyelash packaging, eyelashes glue and mink eyelashes tweezers. I can buy all the goods at the same time.I really like Covergirl lashes. I will work with Covergirl lashes for a long time.

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  1. Hi I am interested in branding my own eyelash products.
    I am looking for 2 different styles of silk strip lashes with a black band
    Everyday / natural strip lashes & Glamours/ dramatic strip lashes.
    Also individual eyelash extensions & packaging. Can you send some details for me to look at please.
    Kind regards,
    Vinessa Sedman.

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