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Best Eyelash Adhesive For The Loose Eyelash Problem

Best Eyelash Adhesive For The Loose Eyelash Problem

Do you wear false eyelashes? If you have experience with 3d mink eyelashes, you must know that it is very embarrassed the eyelashes are loose. The most common is the strip eyelashes. If your eyelash glue is not sticky or is incorrectly applied, the false lashes may fall off. If you are attending a conference or attending a party, this will be a big problem.


We not only Wholesale Mink Lashes , but also high quality eyelash glue. Our glue can last all day and is a perfect solution to the problem of loose eyelashes. This type of eyelash glue, although very viscous, can still be removed with a make-up remover. In the skin test, it was completely dry after a few seconds without any irritation.

When you use this eyelash glue, it is used in exactly the same way as a traditional eyelash adhesive. Wear your eyelashes, then apply a small brush or tweezers to the back of the glue and let the glue dry for about 30 seconds until it becomes sticky. Then use tweezers to bring the center of the false eyelashes to the bottom of your natural eyelashes, then the inside and outside. Because the glue is very sticky, be very careful when applying it. Then gently press the false eyelashes and apply the false eyelashes firmly to the bottom of your natural eyelashes. Finally add eyeliner and apply mascara, you will be very beautiful all day long.

When you want to remove the false eyelashes, just apply the lotion to the cotton pad and gently close the false eyelashes, then gently pull the eyelashes. When the glue is loose, the false eyelashes can be removed. Our powerful eyelash glue is an easy and simple way to get the perfect eye makeup all day long.

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