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All About Mink Lashes Extensions

All About Mink Lashes Extensions

Q How Long Will My Mink Lash Extensions Last ?
Mink_Lashe Mink Eye lash extensions will last the lifetime of the natural lash.When we apply a full set of luxury mink eyelash extensions a false lash is attached to each of your own natural lashes. The average person tends to loose 4-6 natural lashes per day this mostly goes unnoticed, however when an extension is applied to your own lash you are more aware of this process because they are much longer. Our expert lash technicians recommend having your lashes refilled every 3-4 weeks.

Q What is involved in a refill?


Once you have had a full set of Luxury Mink Lashes applied they will need to be refilled within 3-4 weeks. Treatment time takes one hour.

Q Can I still swim everyday when wearing Mink Eye Lash Extensions?

During the first 24hrs after application of Eye Lash Extensions it is recommended to keep them dry. After this it’s no problem to get the Lashes wet.

Q What is the difference between a full and half set of Mink Lash Extensions?
Luxury Lash Extensions involve the application of a false mink lash onto each of your own individual natural eyelashes. Use a variety of lengths to create a more flattering look, with our full set they simply have more time to create more volume.

After care
Once a full set of luxury mink eyelash extensions have been applied to you eyes it is advised to keep them dry for the first 24hrs.
Only Oil Free eye make-up remover can be used on your eyes when you are wearing eyelash extensions. Eyelash Vendors in if necessary to looking for.Our Expert Lash Technicians recommend that you avoid excessive friction or rubbing of the eye area when wearing extension.

macro shot of woman with blue eyes and false eylashes, before and after concept.

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