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Custom Eyelash Packaging New Style

Custom Eyelash Packaging New Style

Today I will Introduce our the new style custom Eyelash Packaging.This kind lashes custom eyelash packaging usa is colorful. use the bright blue marble.

is so beautiful.and the luxury marble prints.And we also have a double-opening eyelash packaging. The appearance of the 3d mink lashes packaging is white marble. In order to make the box more beautiful, gold lines are added to the edge of the box

In addition to white marble, there is a combination of black and big red glitter eyelash packaging box .In order to cater to the feeling of summer and youth, we chose a combination of black appearance and green texture, while the inner box of the eyelash packaging wholesale used a bright candy color. Make the whole custom eyelashes boxes very fresh and vibrant In addition to the above, we also have a box that looks like a starry sky.

It’s very cool. If you choose this wholesale custom eyelash packaging box, I believe it will attract more people’s attention. There are also boxes with grey floor materials, red smoke boxes and more. If you want to know more wholesale mink lashes and packaging , please send us a message. We will send more detailed information

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