Sexy girl to  wear 3D Mink lashes 

Sexy girl to  wear 3D Mink lashes 

Still worry about how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? 3D Mink lashes is an indispensable tool to create the perfect eye makeup, that you know how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger and more bright Therefore, 3D Mink lashes became everyone’s common choice. Usually we see that the star wear 3D Mink lashes  well and naturally. This is not the case when we posted it by ourselves. So how to wear 3D Mink lashes?

First step: check the length of 3D Mink lashes

After buy many 3D Mink lashes, you will find eye type, eye length is not appropriate, therefore, when using 3D Mink lashes, firstly use tweezers to pick up the 3D Mink lashes at the root of the eyelashes, if the 3D Mink lashes longer than their own eyes You need to cut to the same width as your own eye shape, and the end of 3D Mink lashes should not overshoot their own eyelashes. Therefore, the 3D Mink lashes in the eyes should empty out of 1/4, or eyes closed will be uncomfortable.

Second step: clip their own eyelashes

Before apply the 3D Mink lashes, use the eyelash curler curling up your eyelashes, and then mascara, because their own eyelashes is no more than 3D Mink lashes curling, in order to wear the natural eyelashes naturally, and therefore need to wear 3D Mink lashes prior to curling their own eyelash, while mascara is also able to help fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

Third step: to give 3D Mink lashes wear glue

After their own eyelashes are fixed, pick up the prepared 3D Mink lashes, roots up, and then use another hand squeeze the glue on the 3D Mink lashes, should pay attention when crowded squeeze extrusion not too much one-time Or it will flow the eyelash glue onto the eyelashes. When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied to both sides from the middle so that the eye and eye end parts will have more glue because the two parts are easier to fall off . Better grasp of the coating method is to squeeze a little glue, painted a short, squeeze a little glue, painted a short, so until all painted, the direction is just said from the middle to both sides.

Fourth step: How much eyelash glue is the right

Many people wear 3D Mink lashes, the biggest difficulty is that do not know how much glue to the 3D Mink lashes wear, so editor answer, false eyelash glue is about 0.5 to 1 mm thickness, because if the 3D Mink lashes glue too little, Not good sticky 3D Mink lashes, squeezed in the eyelash glue, wait 30 seconds, to be 3D Mink lashes semi-dry state, because the viscosity is the highest.

Fifth step: first time wear 3D Mink lashes

After the glue on the 3D Mink lashes is semi-dry, clamp the middle of the eyelashes with tweezers. At this moment, it is not the root of the middle of the 3D Mink lashes. Instead, the eyelashes in the middle of the 3D Mink lashes are clamped by the forceps, Just above the real eyelashes roots. The middle of the 3D Mink lashes align with the real eyelashes. Be careful not to touch the roots of the glue with real eyelashes.

Sixth Step: How to wear the eye 3D Mink lashes one eye

First stick in the middle part, the site is above the real eyelashes within 0.5-1 mm. Is glued to the eyelids, very close to the real eyelashes, but do not press on the real eyelashes line because it will put down real eyelashes down.

Seventh step: How to wear 3D Mink lashes one eye end

Stick eye tail part. Use tweezers to clamp the hair on the tail of the 3D Mink lashes and gently press the eyelashes on the end of the eye 0.5-1 mm in the direction of the end of the eye. The goal is to prevent the middle of the excess part of the empty bent out, but do not be too hard, the middle of the 3D Mink lashes should still just fixed position.

Eighth step: how to wear 3D Mink lashes on the eyelash head

Stick eyes head. This time with tweezers to clamp the hair of the head of 3D Mink lashes, gently pressed toward the head of the eye in the direction of the eyelash line 0.5mm above the eye (1mm will be too high, this should be closer to the real eyelashes Will naturally).

Ninth step: the final shape of 3D Mink lashes

After pasting 3D Mink lashes with the finger hold it until the glue is completely dry to amend the arc. Do not lift the eyelashes too high, this will be layered with real eyelashes. Do not squeeze too low, this will make the eyes look smaller. Probably held at their own height of 30 seconds, so that it will fix the height of curved eyelashes


If you can do above points , then you can quickly wear the eyelashes you buy, but the quality of your eyelashes directly affect the degree of beauty you wear, we recommend that you can click here to buy eyelashes, eyelashes here Quality is the best, 100 real mink fur eyelashes, the price is also very cheap, we hope you become more and more beautiful



3D mink eyelashes make up Beautiful eyes

3D mink eyelashes make up Beautiful eyes

3D mink eyelashes Beautiful eyes are the best part of your face which can speak a lot. Whenever we meet anyone we look at their eyes first and hence attractive eyes are a good sign. People fall in love seeing beautiful eyes and also beautiful eyes are easy to catch attraction too.

Even if you don’t have beautiful eyes, today we have accessories which can make your eyes beautiful because to look beautiful ladies and even gents in today’s world can undergo any treatment or can use any kind of cosmetics, no matter what it is, including Quality 3D mink eyelashes.

With the great demand for 3D mink eyelashes many stores have been opened, Due to wide number of stores which provides 3D mink eyelashes you need to be clever enough to choose the best one for you.

Eyes are most delicate part of our body and one of the main sense organs too, and hence you cannot just try using any low quality accessories just to increase the beauty of your eyes at the cost of your vision. You may lose your vision completely or partially.

Private Label Natural Fur Abigail 3D Mink Eyelashes

Our handmade Abigail 3D Mink Eyelashes all by sterilized.This is mink eyelashes was gently brushes and harvested Siberian mink hair by cruelty-free method.It can be worn 30 times if look after properly.Please kindly note that since the raw material of these eyelashes are  real mink furs, so the curls and lengths will be a little vary.

False eyelashes with the LED color light

False eyelashes with the LED color light

False eyelashes with the LED color light, it will be a play for yourself!

The summer of cosmetics will upstage the lot, let Scarlett frequently sigh, beauty technology develop fast, almost cannot keep pace with the latest trend, which turned out to be a LED lamp for false eyelashes!

False eyelashes are also for yourself

Install the discoloration LED lamp PLAY

False eyelashes with LED lights

The magic eyelash was invented by designer Tien Pham, in conference Maker Faire 2017 , he presented a new concept, flashing red, blue, pink, blue, white, yellow, green several light, on Party every body urgently need a pair.

At the scene the green hair brother tried LED false eyelashes, the effect is very…… Thailand wind, with his fishing net T-shirt become more enchanting. It is reported that the LED false eyelashes will soon be landed on the Kickstarter public web site, but the specific price is still unknown.

Colourful colored lashes

The wind blew very much on the eyelashes for two years, and the color false eyelashes are popular from last year’s fashion week to this summer.

These color false eyelashes are very suitable for colourful summer, saturated, exaggerated color full of color!

Lazy girls can save a lot of color makeup, eyelashes as eye focus. Of course, run down it, a set of color eye shadow is very upstage echo!

Many cosmetic brands have also launched the same color mascara, want a piece, the girls wallet will tightly hold!

Artistic false eyelashes

The flower style false eyelashes can not only be as simple as painted color, and the color false eyelashes are just a piece of cake compared to the above. The false eyelashes of the artistic creation are from the hand of the designer Miyuki, and the gorgeous and boasting of feel is really Japanese!

This false eyelash is almost bigger than the eye. It is inspired by the art of paper-cut, exquisite and meticulous.

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