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Why does the 3D mink eyelash look the same as it really is?

Why Does The 3D Mink Eyelash Look The Same As Tt really is?

In the current market, a variety of false eyelashes are found throughout the market. The raw materials are also diverse. There are mink hair, velvet, human hair, horse hair and so on. The price is not the same. In comparison, the price of mink is the most expensive, and it is several times the price of other materials. Especially the water mane of Siberia is the best quality of mink hair.

Why does the eyelashes look like the real eyelashes?

There are several main reasons:

First of all, the hardness of the eyelashes is the closest to the eyelashes. The quality of the eyelashes is generally the same as that of the tail of the mink. It looks more realistic.

Secondly, the hair of the mink hair is long and there is no hair, which is also the closest to the eyelashes. Human hair is generally hard, hair peaks are short, and even forks and other issues, so it is very unnatural to wear eyelashes. Horse hairlashes are generally softer and more messy, and they are not close to the real eyelashes.

The most important point is that the brightness of the mink hair is good, and the mink hair grown in Siberia is finer and smoother and has a good gloss. Coupled with the 3D effect, it will be closer to the human eyelashes.

These advantages of mink hair are that other raw materials cannot be surpassed, so the eyelashes of the mink are more natural to wear.

Covergirl wholesale mink lashes vendor The main product is 3D mink eyelashes. The raw materials of our eyelashes are all Siberian mink, and all of them are handmade, which can ensure the symmetry and length of the eyelashes are consistent. And the eyelashes produced by Covergirl wholesale mink lashes vendor are all physically based on the principle of handling the lashes, without any chemical additives, no harm to the eyes. Covergirl wholesale mink lashes vendor The best partner.

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ?

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How To Have Long, Thick Eyelashes

How To Have Long, Thick Eyelashes

On a special day or holiday, what kind of gift do you want to give to your mother? It’s great to give longer lashes as a gift to mom. Because lone eyelashes have long been considered a sign of femininity and beauty in most cultures. Besides the obvious false eyelashes, mascara and eyelash extensions there are now special overnight serums to try.

Eyelash grow serums are designed to grow longer, darker, fuller eyelashes naturally without the side effects common to prescription products. Eyelash growth serums formulated with ingredients known to be highly successful at stimulating lash growth will include:

  1. Stimulates blood vessels to promote hair growth.
  2. Moisturizes and strengthens eyelashes promoting lash flexibility and durability.
  3. Helps to strengthen and fortify eyelashes against breakage. Protects against dryness preventing breakage.
  4. Helps to fortify and nourish eyelashes and replenish volume.
  5. Helps to soothe, calm and protect the lash line.

These ingredients work synergistically to condition and hydrate the lashes, boosting lash growth. The products are easy to use – Apply a thin line at night before bed to each upper eyelid at the lash line, as you would apply an eyeliner. You will begin to notice the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer lashes in 4-6 weeks. Some users even notice improvement in a few as 2 weeks time.

The eye lash growth market has been around for a long time, yet sales surged when a prescription version was introduced. Often as is the case, with all good things there is a down side too – side effects. The most common side effects being eye redness, itchy eyes, and skin hyperpigmentation. Some users with light colored eyes found alarmingly with the prescription product there is the possibility that it will darken the color of your eyes. That is why most women prefer an all natural growth serum – no prescription required – no doctor visits and copayments – no side effects.

Do you have lash envy? Your girl friends and sisters will be jealous of your long, luxurious lashes. Start using a lash stimulator today and gorgeous sultry eyes will be yours in just a short time. Give the Gift of Beauty for Mother’s Day, Xmas, or Any Day! Look for a product with clinical testing and proven results.

Every woman should enjoy long, lush beautiful eyelashes to frame her face and promote her beauty. With eyelash growth products this is made possible. Beautiful eyes are a focal point of a beautiful face.

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How To Use False Eyelashes

How To Use False Eyelashes

Having a pair of beautiful and charming big eyes is the pursuit of each girl, but not everyone will have a charming eyes by nature, but don’t worry about it afterwards. A pair of 25mm mink lashes  can help you realize your big-eye dreams.Now let’s learn how to use it.

Compare The Length Of Your Eyelashes With Your Own Eyelashes

  1. Use an eyelash curler to pinch the eyelashes as far as possible from the root of the eyelashes. Use a three-piece clip method to pinch the eyelashes from the root to the end of the eyelashes. The whole eyelashes must be clipped so that your eyelashes can be worn all day long. Does not fall down and blends in with false lashes.
  2. Curved the false eyelash Both hands hold the ends of the false eyelash, and repeatedly bend the base of the false lashes, and at the same time, it can make the eyelashes become flexible and better paste.
  3. Small scissors adjust the length of the newly purchased false eyelashes can not be used directly! Because it does not necessarily suit your eye length. Place the false lashes on the eye and the outer side is aligned with the outer corner of the eye. The inner side is positioned at a position 5 to 6 mm away from the inner corner of the eye.
  4. The eyelash glue should be “pulled” and coated. Hand squeeze the false lashes, squeeze the glue out a little, stick it to the root of the false eyelashes, and then pull one side to squeeze out some glue at the same time. This can guarantee the glue on the eyelashes. The distribution is more uniform. Both ends of the false lashes are easy to fall off, and the amount can be slightly more.
  1. Change the adhesive to transparent and then stick the lashes. Do not rush and wait until the glue is fast drying. Stick again because the adhesive strength is strong at this time. And the white glue has become translucent, and the feeling of affixing is very natural.
  2. The three points paste effect The most natural way to adjust the angle of the false lashes, to confirm the good eye start 3mm and the end of the eye over 5mm position. Then start with the middle of the eye. The position of the end of the eye can be adjusted according to your makeup.
  3. Use a clip to raise the false lashes upwards. Use a small clip to adjust and gently press so that the root of the false eyelashes adheres to the true lash root. This exercise requires a few more exercises to find the touch.
  4. 8. Brush the real and false eyelashes together with a brush and stick the false lashes together. Then comb the real and false eyelash together with the eyelashes to make the false lashes look more natural. It is not recommended to apply a layer of mascara again. It will make the real and false eyelash stick together. Not only false eyelashes can be used, but also real eyelashes will be removed when the makeup is removed.
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