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Learn How To Properly Curl Your Lashes

Learn How To Properly Curl Your Lashes

If you want to be fuller, longer eyelashes, curling is a must. Also, curling your eyelashes will open your eyes and make them look bigger. So whether your eyelashes are naturally straight or flattened due to poor maintenance or other reasons, this small step can help your eyes stand out. Using an eyelash curler (before applying mascara) is an absolute way to make your eyelashes more attractive, but do you know there are other ways to curl your eyelashes? Want to know more? Read on to find out all about how to curl your eyelashes.

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Different ways of curling eyelashes

If you happen to grab yourself without an eyelash curler, try some alternatives (these methods may not be as effective as the eyelash curler, but they will work).
But first, let’s use the eyelash curler to introduce the basics of using the eyelash curler, for those who own the tool but never actually use it (because it looks like some kind of torture device?)
1. How to use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes
Hold your eyelash curler. Once your curler is fully open, make sure your rubber strip is up to the top of your upper eyelashes. Now that your eyelashes are inside, place the curler in an upright position (its curve should face outwards.) Gently close the curler on the eyelashes and gently squeeze with the pulse handle. Turn your curler slowly – its curve must be aligned with your eyelid crease curve. Do not blink or move – Hold the curler for a few seconds. Gently press the curler with the same pressure to move it from the root of the eyelash to the tip. If you are not satisfied with the curl, you can repeat this step again until the desired effect is achieved. Apply mascara in just a few seconds to create thicker, fuller eyelashes!
2. How to use mascara to bend eyelashes?
First use the mascara stick to curl the eyelashes through the roots in a tortuous motion. Now put the wand at the root of the eyelashes for a few seconds. Slowly go to the tip. Apply a second coat to keep curl and some extra volume

Tip: How To Bend Your Eyelashes Without Hurting Them?

Whether you want to curl your eyelashes safely or naturally grow healthier, more gorgeous eyelashes, there are a bunch of tricks to help you!
Washing your face before going to bed is important, but it doesn’t stop there. Make sure you remove the last point of the cosmetic (even if it is almost impossible to remove the waterproof mascara). If you fall asleep with mascara or eyeliner marks, you are likely to become infected, and your eyelashes are likely to become dry and fragile. This will cause them to fall, you will blame the expensive mascara, but it’s all on you.

You can remove eye makeup with micelle or coconut oil. Oil is a healthy alternative to nourish and moisturize your eyelashes. Just as you take care of your precious hair on your head, it’s also important to do the same for your eyelashes. Use conditioner or eyelash essence before going to bed – if you follow this practice all the time, you will wake up with healthier, longer eyelashes.

You should be careful when using the eyelash curler. Always use a clean eyelash curler – old cosmetics will accumulate on your curling iron. This needs to be cleaned up because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, remember not to squeeze or pull too hard, because your eyelashes do have a tendency to lose their elasticity and become brittle.

It is important to rest your eyelashes at regular intervals. Believe me, your eyelashes will thank you. You don’t know how much dyes and chemicals are in the mascara, which may hinder the natural growth of the eyelashes. Make sure to change the mascara every three months,

because the formula will not only become agglomerated and dry, but your mascara stick is another breeding ground for bacteria, and your risk of contracting your eyes is high. Last but not least, follow healthy eating habits. Eat more foods rich in vitamins that promote healthy growth of your eyelashes.

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How To Wear False Eyelashes

How To Wear False Eyelashes

For a newbie, wearing false eyelashes for the first time is a very headache. How to choose the eyelash that suits you? How to wear eyelashes perfectly? How to do it without hurting your own eyes? How to choose an accessory tool for eyelashes? These are some of the problems. Below I will share with you some experience in wearing eyelashes.

1,First, you need to prepare the following items. False eyelashes, tweezers, glue. These three items are essential for wearing false eyelashes. However, choosing eyelashes is definitely not a casual choice. Choose the eyelashes that suit your eye size and eye shape. Also choose according to the occasion where you wear eyelashes. If you are attending a dance, you can choose exaggerated eyelashes. If you are working, choose a low-key style eyelash. It is also important to choose glue. The glue is in direct contact with the eyes. If you choose a bad quality glue, it will cause great damage to your eyes. Covergirl lashes eyelash vendors can also provide high quality eyelash glue, non-toxic and harmless, without any harm to the eyes. Regarding the choice of tweezers, be sure to avoid the tip, so as not to cause damage to the eyes. If these three items are ready, you can proceed.

2, First use the eyelash curler to curl your own eyelashes, so that the curling degree of the false eyelashes is more suitable, so as not to be divided into two layers, affecting the overall effect.

3, With mascara, carefully apply the root of your eyelashes, do not paint very thick, the main purpose of this is to keep your own eyelashes curling curl.

4,Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and place them on top of your eyelashes. Remember to reserve the position of the eye about 3mm and cut off the long part of the eye. Adjust the length of the eyelashes.

5,Use small scissors to cut off the long part of the false eyelashes. Be careful to cut the end of the eye when trimming, and keep the eyes.

6,Pinch the ends of the eyelashes and bend the arc of the fan shape. The curvature is in accordance with the curvature of the eye.

7,Apply a layer of glue along the stalk of the false eyelashes. Apply more on both ends, because the eye and the tail are very easy to lift.

8,Finally, use the tweezers to stick the false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes, and gently adjust the position of the eyelashes by hand.

Then repeat the above steps for the other eye and you will have a pair of charming big eyes. Repeatedly practice this several times, you can skillfully wear 3d mink eyelashes. I hope my article can help you. Covergirl Lashes is a mink strip lashes wholesale Vendor. If you want to do a small busienss for your won . you should contact us .

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False eyelashes practical tips

False Eyelashes Practical Tips

Mink fur false eyelashes are a type of beauty accessories that apply to the eye, invigorating the eyelashes with momentum, allowing lively big eyes, dancing with false eyelashes, showing ethereal temperament. Many trendy MMs like to use fake eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Under perfect use, they will make their eyes more beautiful. But how to use false eyelashes? How to clean eyes after makeup removal? do you know?

Classification of mink fur false eyelashes
By type of use: It can be roughly divided into exaggerated and everyday.
By product type: can be divided into feather series false eyelashes, exaggerated series of false eyelashes, planting grafting series, handmade series of false eyelashes.
By type of work: can be divided into handmade eyelashes, semi-manual eyelashes, mechanism eyelashes.
According to the type of use: can be divided into dolls eyelashes, film and television eyelashes, simulation eyelashes, personality Czech hair.
By material type: can be divided into fiber eyelashes, human hair lashes, animal hair lashes, feather lashes.
Mink fur false eyelashes style
The style of mink fur false eyelashes can be divided into exaggerated European and American lines and sweet and lovely Japanese. Europe and the United States Department of false eyelashes is characterized by a comparative concentration, suitable for girls with eye contours, or want to create a stage effect; Japan’s mink fur false eyelashes are actually produced in Taiwan, the effect is more natural, sweet, suitable for Asian eyes. ,
On the price, expensive price and cheap are not the only distinction of quality. If you are careless, the daily disposable false eyelashes are more suitable for you; if you belong to the incorporated person, the expensive eyelashes are also worth investing, if you want to buy art. Eyelashes, it must buy the brand, the effect is beautiful and there will be no cheap impression.
In everyday life, choose natural mink fur false eyelashes as much as possible, and when participating in some theme parties or grand dinners, you can consider some exaggerated and artistic European-American mink fur false eyelashes, such as with diamonds or feathers. Some limited edition false eyelashes can be used as a party decoration, but also as a collection. You can also create new shapes with two different mink fur false eyelashes.

Wear mink fur false eyelashes reminder:
After removing the makeup, use a professional cleaning liquid to clean the base of the eyelashes and keep the roots of the eyelashes clean. At the same time, it is recommended that it is best not to wear mink fur false eyelashes all day long. If you notice any discomfort with your eyes, you should immediately disable false eyelashes and go to the hospital.
How to choose 25mm siberian mink lashes ?
For the first-time users to achieve a natural effect, soft stems or transparent stem mink fur false eyelashes can be selected. They mimic natural eyelashes, and do not leave too obvious marks on the eyes. On the choice of colors, Asian women are recommended. Using black or dark coffee colors, these two colors are closest to those of Asians.
If you only use false eyelashes in daily makeup, then you should be careful to avoid long false eyelashes and too few false eyelashes in the daily makeup, and do not choose cross type, otherwise it will make the eyes look unnatural .

How to maintain proper false eyelashes?

1. When taking it out of the box, don’t force the side of the chair to pull it hard. Pull it out with your fingers in the direction of the eyelashes. When removing the eyelids, hold the mink fur false eyelashes in the middle. “Slowly pull down, action altogether, do not pull two or three hair down.
2, used false eyelashes to completely remove the above adhesive glue, neatly into the box. Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder, mascara, etc. to the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain and ruin the false eyelashes.
3. Use a makeup remover that specializes in eye makeup to clean false eyelashes. Use a cotton pad to press on the mink fur false eyelashes, starting with the root and then the front end. The action must be light, otherwise it cannot be recycled.

Instructions for use of cleaning and maintenance:
1. The soaking time is at least 1 hour. The longer the soaking time is, the easier it is to clean it, and it is less likely to damage the eyelashes.
2. Absolutely never stick to water during the entire cleaning process! Especially human eyelashes.
3, be sure to wipe cleansing oil with a paper towel, so as not to affect the next use.
How to wear false eyelashes correctly?
Just bought false eyelashes is too beautiful, it will give people feel very unnatural, so it should not be directly applied, must be properly trimmed.
1. When trimming, the false eyelashes of both eyes must be consistent and dense. You can also cut a false eyelash in half and place it on the part you wish to strengthen, such as the outer corner of the eye and the center of the eyelashes.
2. When sticking false eyelashes, you should apply a little adhesive on the edge of the false eyelashes, because the two ends are easy to fall off, the amount should be slightly more, and the adhesive glue should not stick on the false eyelashes. Then apply a layer of eyelash glue along your eyelashes. When the adhesive is dry, the adhesive strength is strongest. After about 5 seconds, when the adhesive is to be dried quickly, bend the false eyelashes to make it soft. Then, look in front of the mirror, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, and gently press the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes. Press for about 10 seconds by hand to fully blend the false eyelashes.

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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

If someone feels they might not have the natural eyelashes they deserve, there are many places to turn. There are over the counter creams and pills. There are also false glue-on lashes that can be bought at any drugstore or dollar store. If someone is really serious they could go to their doctor and get a prescription for a brush on medication that stimulates eyelash growth. It may be that their interest lies with really wanting to enhance one’s own natural beauty. If these particular choices do not appeal to them. Indeed if that is the case one will certainly want to consider eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions








For eyelash extensions, there are two options open, either to go to a salon and have a professional stylist apply the lashes. Or become familiar with applying the lashes at home. Many people make up their mind, by reading reviews online.

So Why read online reviews?

Reading a review or reviews is helpful for anyone who is deciding they might like to have eyelash extensions. They may even be ready to make a purchase but want to find out all they can about different styles and options of service open to them.

That is where a review can inform them. A potential consumer can choose go to a particular brand site or shopping site such as Amazon and read personal reviews of specific products in a certain category. The other option is going to a review site solely dedicated to the subject; but with a lot more content to consider.

A particularly well written review may sway a customer to buy or not to buy a product. However, reviews are subjective by their very nature. For every review that gives a product five stars, others may find one that gives it one star. As always remember that reviews are a personal testament and the person writing the review may have been expecting a lot more than the product could actually deliver. When reading and assessing a review for one’s own personal guidance using a modicum of caution and a lot of common sense is always advised.

Positive or negative reviews can have a major bearing on sales. A positive review for a product or service can really help to sell that product. These types of reviews are known as social proof. A classic example of this type of review is Amazon. [as mentioned earlier] People tend to trust them because they believe they come from honest people who have tried the product and either loved it or hated it. So, the point of reading reviews in general is to get an idea of the quality of a product before someone goes ahead and actually purchases it.

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Reviews

Most online review sites have pages dedicated to one specific issue whether that is a brand topic or for example a ‘how to’ style page. This is why eyelash extensions reviews are important to read because they are topic specific and also hold general information available to the consumer who is interested in the ‘why, how and wherefore’ of the subject.

The purpose then of the site is to allow the consumer, after some time spent researching the pages, a degree of discernment and confidence when deciding to go ahead and purchase.

A] Confidence whether to do it at home or book an appointment at a salon.

B] Confidence over particular types of eyelash extensions.

C] Knowledge of safety, wear and care.

In conclusion The eye is a delicate structure and if something could hurt it, you need to know about it. Eyelash extensions reviews will equip the reader with general guidance, information as to price and proper maintenance. Service, i.e. how long they may take to apply. Do’s and don’ts, safety and styles. A good site will also have images/video as inspiration or again as an aid to informing the consumer in their decision making efforts.

There you will find lots more information for your enjoyment. if you looking for mink eyelash vendors for starting your own eyelash line , Please contact Covergirl Lashes Thank you for reading.