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Some Tips For Using False Eyelashes

【Introduction】 false eyelashes as a big eye artifact, many MM home should have N pairs of private label false eyelashes ! With false eyelashes, whether you want to make yourself a monster or a Barbie, you can easily achieve it. However, it seems like a waste of new false eyelashes once they are lost. However, if used repeatedly, the thick glue on top seems to affect the makeup and make your eyes uncomfortable. So, can private label false eyelashes be reused?

Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes

Can private label false eyelashes be reused?

Regarding private label false eyelashes, the question that many sisters ask most is that false eyelashes are disposable. Can it be reused? How many times can I reuse it? The answer, of course, is whether it can be reused. However, the number of false eyelashes can be used, according to the quality of maintenance of the MM and the quality of false eyelashes will be different Oh.

For false eyelashes, the harder the material, the less likely it is to deform, and the more frequently it will be reused. On the contrary, the softer the more deformable, the fewer the number of repeated use. For example, false eyelashes with a nylon plastic texture can be reused more than 20 times when properly maintained; and false eyelashes with a cotton thread and human hair texture can be used about 5 times if properly maintained.

To extend the life of false eyelashes, you must pay attention to its maintenance MM. When doing makeup, try not to paint eye shadows or mascara on false eyelashes. Otherwise, false eyelashes become dirty and difficult to clean. In addition, false eyelashes cannot be pulled off violently during makeup removal. In this case, private label false eyelashes are likely to be heroically sacrificed once.

How to pick private label false eyelashes

Do you think about beauty MM have you ever thought about, what kind of false eyelashes do you fit in? In fact, the choice of private label false eyelashes is a door to the university, you need to fully take into account their own eye shape and eyelid condition, but also according to their own makeup techniques and ways to choose!

According to different materials, private label false eyelashes can be divided into hard stalks, soft stalks and soft cotton stalks. Hard-stem false eyelashes often have a foreign body sensation when worn, but their curvature is very good and does not require special adjustment and is less likely to deform. Soft cotton tweezers are handmade and comfortable to use, but when bending false eyelashes, the curvature may not be well controlled. The softness and hardness of the soft stem in the name suggests that it is between hard stem and soft stem. We can choose according to our own needs.

For different people, round-eyed people can choose to use private label false eyelashes cotton material to modify the eyes, and eyelids thicker MM can use slightly hard nylon false eyelashes. The choice of false eyelashes color, in order to make false eyelashes with their own eyelashes together more natural, we should choose suitable for Asian women dark brown or black oh.

How to attach private label false eyelashes

Many beauty-loving mushroom cools often use false eyelashes after the first few times, and they often feel that the false eyelashes are not very easy to use. Therefore, false eyelashes are often not favored in the beauty process in the future. In fact, the effect of false eyelashes is really very powerful. Once you have mastered the use of methods, Momnet Encyclopedia believes that you can no longer give it up!

  1. Before applying false eyelashes, first curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, then apply a thin layer of mascara.
  2. Compare the length of the false eyelashes on the eyes, and trim the false eyelashes moderately; usually the eyelashes of the eye tail are longer, so cut from this end, the short eyelashes of the eye are preserved;
  3. Apply a little adhesive on the edges of the false eyelashes. Use a little more at both ends, and then apply a layer of eyelash glue along your eyelashes.

4, bend the private label false eyelashes to make it soft;

  1. After calculating the position, stick it from the middle of the eyelid until the stickiness is reached when the eyelash glue is half dry. At this time, the two ends will be up, along the curvature of the eye shape;

6, in order to avoid the two layers of eyelashes, after the paste is good to remember to put the real false eyelashes with the pulp gently pinch;

  1. Check if there is any gap in the lashes. You can use eyeliner or eyeliner to fill the gaps and make the private labelfalse eyelashesappear more natural.

How to remove false eyelashes

Staying outside with a false eyelash, the first thing to get back home is probably to get rid of false eyelashes! But how can you get rid of it smoothly with false eyelashes with thick glue? It’s not a simple matter to unload false eyelashes. If you want to unload it cleanly, you can’t hurt your eyes, and try not to tear off private label false eyelashes. What should we do?

First remove the cleansing oil with a cotton swab and apply it to the root of the false eyelashes. Remember that you must gently apply it. Otherwise, your eyes may be scratched. After a few moments, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically, and you must not tear off false eyelashes to save time! If you are so violent, your eyelids may feel painful, and your eyelids will relax after a long time.

Next, take a clean cotton pad, pour it on a cotton pad with cleansing oil, apply it to your eyes for a few seconds, and unload the eyeliner and residual glue. This completes the revolutionary task of removing false eyelashes. It!

Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes
Private Label False Eyelashes

How to clean private label false eyelashes

In order to prolong the lifespan of private label false eyelashes, cleaning false eyelashes has become a critical step! What should I do to clean dirty fake eyelashes that I just removed? At this time, you need to prepare the following tools: makeup remover/makeup remover, false eyelashes to be cleaned, a cotton swab, a small bowl, and a dice. After the preparation is completed, you can begin to give your beloved false eyelashes a beauty bath!

Step 1: Put the false eyelashes into a small bowl, then pour in the appropriate amount of make-up water (no false eyelashes), soak for 5-10 minutes;

Step 2: With a cotton swab lightly poked on the private label false eyelashes with glue and mascara, you will find that the dirt is slowly melting down;

Step 3: For the part of the eyelash stem with thick eyelash glue, you can tear the eyelash with a small tweezers slowly. Step 4: Put the cleaned false eyelashes into the warm water and gently use the small eyelashes. Swing, rinse, and dry on a paper towel.

Precautions when using private label false eyelashes

Some embarrassed sisters often use false eyelashes because of improper methods, and often make the false eyelashes look unnatural and even fall off, which has always caused embarrassment. Everyone thinks about it. If you eat dinner with a male ticket, suddenly your private label false eyelashes are loose, and your two layers of eyelashes suddenly become more prominent. Even worse, false eyelashes may also fall directly. Is this picture desirable? It feels terrible to get up! So, using false eyelashes must not be careless. Here are some notes on using false eyelashes!

  1. When removing false eyelashes from the box, follow the direction of the eyelashes and gently withdraw it with your fingers. When removing the false eyelashes with makeup remover, gently squeeze the middle of the false eyelashes. Three lashes go down;

2, the use of false eyelashes before the need to thoroughly clean the eye, if the eyes have oil, then it will affect the durability of glue Oh;

3, after the roots of lashes are glued, don’t immediately stick false eyelashes, and often need to stand for 5 seconds, wait for the glue to be half dry and then touch the roots of the eyelashes. This will be more solid;

4, used false eyelashes to thoroughly remove the adhesive glue above, neatly into the box; pay attention to not try to stick eye shadow, mascara, etc. to false eyelashes Oh, otherwise it will dirty, or even destroy false eyelashes.

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