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If you have found yourself pulling out eyelashes then it’s probably left you with a lot of questions. Why do I do it? Am I the only one that does it? Am I mad? The truth is you’re not mad! Pulling your mink lashes manufacturer is part of a condition known as trichotillomania which simply causes people to pull out hair from various areas of the body.

People of all ages can develop this hair pulling habit at any time, and the hair is most commonly pulled from the scalp. However, mink lashes manufacturer, eyelashes and just about any other kind of hair can also be pulled out, though different individuals show different signs.


The Results of Eyelash Pulling

When it comes to pulling out your hair you tend to do more damage physically than you do emotionally. However, the most noticeable physical symptom is baldness. It is a form of hair loss, and this can occur on the eyelashes as much as on the scalp.

If you’re finding that eyelash pulling is getting bad then there are ways in which you can try to cover up, including the use of makeup and false eyelashes. However, you can also try a number of treatment options.mink lashes manufacturer.

Treatment for Eyelash Pulling

mink lashes manufacturer
mink lashes manufacturer

There are many different treatments for pulling out eyelashes, and for trichotillomania in general:

  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • Keeping your hands busy
  • Making your eyelashes hard to pull
  • Meditation and relaxation

If you visit your doctor about this problem don’t feel down if they haven’t heard of it. Unfortunately, though millions suffer with the condition, doctors are not always aware of it. mink lashes manufacturer they may misdiagnose the condition, which is why it’s important to take your own measures to understand it – and the internet is a great way of doing so.

Finding Support

When it comes to stopping pulling out eyelashes it isn’t going to be easy. Some people struggle with trichotillomania all of their lives, though most find their own ways of dealing with it one way or another. Remember, there is no cure that can work for everyone.

Try chatting to others online who do the same as you. They may be able to suggest a tactic you haven’t yet tried. Even if they can’t, they will be there for you and give you strength in knowing that you are not alone.

I’m a 20 something girl who has suffered with trichotillomania since I was 10.

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