Fake Eyelashes

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to make their eyes seem wider, brighter, and larger than life? Yes,they wears Fake Eyelashes!

Fake Eyelashes
Fake Eyelashes

The secret doesn’t lie in good genes or plenty of beauty sleep, but rather in a quick, simple trick that costs mere dollars and adds mega impact to those peepers.  In order to instantly open your eyes up, long, dark, luscious false eyelashes are key.  Even if you’re not naturally blessed with a full set of them, you can easily pump up the volume for your night on the town by applying fake eyelashes, which can be found at nearly any beauty supplier or pharmaceutical store.  Choosing the right false eyelashes for your eye can be tricky; styles vary from long and sparse to shorter and full, and adding too much oomph to a typically fair lash line can appear costume-like.  If your lash line is normally thick and full, aim for length rather than volume to avoid the caterpillar look.

Remember, you want to frame the eye, not overpower it, and anything too dark will cause the eye to look diminished under the weight of a heavy lash.  You’ll also want to examine your own eyelashes prior to your purchase to scope out their overall scale – eyelashes are often shorter and sparser toward the tear duct, so you’ll want to make sure the eyelashes you purchase mirror the shape of the ones you already have.  Many Fake eyelashes come ready-to-wear with a line of glue already attached at the lash line.  However, these eyelashes typically last for only one use and can often dry out more quickly than they can be applied.  Try glue-less eyelashes for a longer lasting, worry-free, and budget-friendly addition to your cosmetic case, and apply eyelashes glue (which is often sold in the same package as the eyelashes) each time you wish to widen your peepers.  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed isn’t just for toddlers anymore.

Applying eyelashes can be a difficult task at first but with some practice the process can get much easier. You need to start out with several pairs in case you get them all glued and stuck together. Buy cheap fake eyelashes at the beginning and then move on to more expensive fake eyelashes once you know what you are doing. You also need to buy the glue separately as any glue that comes with the fake eyelashes is best used only for emergencies. The glue comes in a bottle similar to that of nail polish with a small brush.

The next step is to apply eyeliner and get as close to the line of the eyelashes as possible. Then take the fake eyelashes and hold each one up to the eye and cut a small amount off the end so as not to bother the inside of your eye. Cut the same amount off each one and lay the fake eyelashes next to each other.

Then take out the glue and apply as close to the lash line as possible, using the eyeliner as a guide. Apply the eyelashes to the eye by pressing down in the middle and then working with a toothpick to help apply pressure on either side and inside and outside working your way out to the end of the eye. When done, hold your fingers down on the inner and outer edges to make sure the fake eyelashes are adhering completely. Now repeat the procedure for the other eye.

Once you’ve done, you’re free to take lots of lovely photos. You may then want to transfer them to your computer.