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Customer’s Eyelashes REVIEW List

Customer’s Eyelashes REVIEW List

“Loooove your lashes”

“OMG!!! Great eyelashes, I love them, your eyelashes are recognized by my clients.”

“It’s really amazing!I sold your eyelashes in one day.”

Our eyelashes are loved by our customers. But this is not surprising. These are our best-selling 22mm and 25mm eyelashes. They are not only fashionable but also of great quality. These are the real feedback from customers.

Our eyelashes come in many styles. There are 16mm 20mm 22mm and 25mm. Each one is carefully designed by our designers. Our eyelashes are all handmade, and each pair is carefully crafted by the worker to ensure the quality of the eyelashes.

Our eyelash raw materials are all Siberian mink fur, which is more comfortable and natural to wear. Do not worry! Our mink hair is cruelty free, and it is the hair that naturally falls off.

Our eyelashes are made using physical principles, without any chemicals, and without any harm to anything.

The most important thing is that we have a dedicated design team, and our eyelash styles are constantly updated. Buying the latest styles of eyelashes in time can capture the market and make your eyelash business more successful.


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